7 Tools to Design Free Twitter Custom Background

In the current era with the hundreds of social media networks, twitter is the most popular social media network.

In the current era with the hundreds of social media networks, twitter is the most popular social media network. Twitter is well known as micro blogging and much easier way to reach millions of people. With over 284 millions monthly active users and 500 million tweets per day, twitter is standing on the top of micro blogging and one of the best effective social media tool. By default in twitter, your profile has a blue background and twitter allow you to change it. Twitter accede you to upload a profile picture and a custom twitter background.

7 Tools to Design Free Twitter Background

Before I move on I will suggest you to read more about effective twitter tools.

Twitter profile picture usually called “avatar” and default blue color in profile background called default twitter background. If you remember there is a quote

First impression is the last impression

Same rule apply on social media profiles, if you have a custom twitter background and custom twitter profile avatar, you will easily convert visitors to your followers. In this hodgepodge I am going to share with you some resources to reshape your twitter background, branding and letting your viewer know what they going to get and so on.

7 websites to create custom twitter background:


Free twitter desinger custom twitter background tool

FreeTwitterDesigner allow you to personalize your twitter background with custom images or you can choose from templates from their library. This tool will help you to create free highly professional custom twitter background with the option of add text; icons etc and feel like designed by professional grapich designers. Simplified and easy to use and best thing is that it’s free.


Twitlay tool for twitter custom background

Twitlay gives you collection of twitter background and offers you to create your own twitter custom background. You can add text to the background, change the colors, and put icons. Twitlay allow you to see the preview in the real time and save all these to your twitter account with just a single click.


Twilk tool for twitter custom background

Twilk with a unique functionality and a bit special than others, this tool will allow you to put custom background with all of your followers profile pictures with the selection of twitter friends pictures who you want to add in the background. This tool does not allow adding your personal image for custom twitter background, instead of this allow you to add your followers profile pictures as your twitter background.

Twitter Images:

twitter-images tool for custom twitter background

Twitter-Images with the verity of categories like 3D, Colorful, Girly, nature etc give you lots of twitter backgrounds which you can customize according to your needs. Even you can get a custom twitter background at very affordable price.


twiback twitter custom background tool

Twiback a custom twitter background tool, which offers automatically change your twitter background and profile picture. Even no need to register on twiback and even no need go in settings of twitter. You can create your custom background by uploading photos, icons, avatars, patterns, designs, backgrounds and whatever you can think, you can do with twiback.

Wish a Friend:

wishafriend twitter custom background template

Another adept web application allows you to add different effects to twitter background and profile. You can set different images on different screen and resolution sizes like iPhone, iPad etc. You can add images, text, logo, icons, name etc.


themeleon twitter custom background template

With thousands of colors and designs, themeleon stand on the top to create custom twitter backgrounds. You just have to login with your twitter profile and that’s it to give a new look to twitter profile.

Do share with us if you know such other tools for twitter backgrounds in comments.

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