5 Best Twitter Unfollow tool to Unfollow Non Follower Profiles

Twitter is known as micro blogging, best marketing and persuasive tool for bloggers or any brand. Over the time when you continue to follow others, your twitter timeline full of creepy content and a big pain of social media din.

According to ADWEEK, Twitter announce that there 5% of account around 13.5 million out of 271 million users are fake are bots, that never login directly to the twitter website or mobile app.

These fake or bot accounts may be lead you to adult sites, cause of phishing attacks, some of account might not be active or not tweeting since long. Or might you have some kind of twitter non-followers which not generating any traffic or any sales lead.
Now if you want to Unfollow such kind of twitter accounts one by one is extremely frustrating and intense activity. But before this think twice that do you reading their tweets? Do you know particular twitter users? And if your answer is NO then go ahead unfollow them. Below I am going to share with you my preferred free twitter unfollow tools.

Twitter is the most popular tool and marketing platform, you must take the benefits with twitter automatic direct message tool and twitter auto following tools.

5 Best Twitter Unfollow tool to Unfollow Non Follower Profiles


100% free twitter management tool allow you to manage your twitter account with full strength and take a glance on the complete features list. You can do the following with unfollowspy.

  • Remove non followers
  • List non followres
  • Send custom direct message
  • See who unfollow you
  • Shoutout / Mention maker
  • Aggregator APP

Tweepi Geeky Flush:

Tired of spammers? Want get rid of deadbeat users? Then tweepi geeky flush is perfect for you, as the name explain; flush those who not follow back. This tool offers you following.

  • Flush the unfollowers
  • Reciprocate
  • Cleanup the inactives
  • Force to unfollow you
  • Follow new tweeps

Twitter Karma:

One of the popular twitter unfollow tool to unfollow non followers. Twitter karama allows you to mange your twitter account more efficiently and allow you to mass unfollow everyone. This tool also allows you to follow those who following you. You can read more about twitter direct message tool and auto following followers tools.


Simple and clean twitter unfollow tool unfollow to non followers. JustUnfollow give you the list of twitter users who is not following you back. You will see the red negative sign to unfollow those users.


A powerful twitter unfollow tool that provide you with a bunch of features. With this tool you can improve your account authority. Some of the feature of FollowFilter is below

  • Create white list
  • Create blocked list
  • Unfollow to no follower
  • Follower Filter will not follow anyone without consent
  • Delete bulk tweet and favorites at once

There is hundreds of such kind of twitter tools unfollow to non followers. These tools are very handy and if you are using any other please let us know and do a share with us with comment.

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