5 Best Twitter Automatic Direct Message Tools

Hey Blogger Outliners…! No doubt that twitter is the most popular social network and the best marketing tool.

Hey Blogger Outliners…!
No doubt that twitter is the most popular social network and the best marketing tool. Though; when you have strategy and Internet marketing plans then twitter is always on the top of the list.
In social media world, there is bundle of social bookmarking website like; stumbleupon, facebook, linkedin, reddit, digg etc to drive traffic but there is nothing better than twitter. As it’s a best practice to stay engage with the followers by sending them automatic direct messages but it is impossible in bulk. This is the place where 3rd party twitter’s direct messages tools come in.
If you do it in right way to send direct message to new followers or to old one about your new product, blog, services or whatever you are going to promote is not considered as spam.
Following are 5 best twitter automatic direct message tools.


In this busy life, we don’t have much time to answer all the tweets or say thanks to all of our new followers. TweetManger give us the ability to reduce the time and do it on automation. TweetManger is not just a direct messaging tool but it also gives the following option.

  1. Auto Follow users
  2. Auto reply including @reply you
  3. Send mass message
  4. Auto tweet or schedule tweet
  5. Auto Feed from your blog or website
  6. Dual manage to connect your two twitter accounts

TweetManager Link


Tweetadder makes it way by steadily growing and as a one of the oldest popular software which is being used by many bloggers today. Tweetadder is now loaded with surplus options. Tweetadder is a desktop application which you can either install on windows, MAC and on Linux base systems. With the plenty of option grip your hands on the following.

  1. Mange multiple accounts
  2. Auto tweet from feed
  3. Automatic direct message
  4. Unfollow with 8 advance features
  5. Schedule automatic tweets
  6. Worldwide location base search
  7. Tweet search by keyword
  8. Advance Profile Bio Search
  9. Professional search filters with list creating options
  10. Blacklist
  11. Whitelist
  12. And much more

This is the tool which you must have for successful blogging or business career, Click Here to get 1 month free trial account with tweetadder.

Link to TweetAdder Click Here


socialoomph best direct messaging tool

With socialoomph you can save your time and therefore, increase your productivity with the help of sending direct message. Socialoomph offers you the following features.

  1. Direct message
  2. Follow those who are following you
  3. Vet new followers
  4. Schedule tweets
  5. Use BUZZ
  6. Track Keywords
  7. Profile filter

Socialoomph offers both free and premium accounts. For premium account you need to pay but if you don’t want to spend money you can use it free.

[Socialoomph Link]


If you are looking for a very simple tool to just send automatic direct message to your new followers, then you are on right place. TwitterdMer is perfect for you to just send direct messages either to new followers or to specific users by specifying user’s details. TwitterDMer offer you sample messages just choose them as per your need and that’s it.

TwitterDMer Link


One of the best tool; ever seen for the twitter multiple direct messaging solution. This tool offers you a wide array of different features for the twitter and one of them is “Send twitter direct message to multiple users”.
TweetGuru offers you the following.

  1. Multiple direct message
  2. Friend check – this option will check that 2 accounts is connected to each other.
  3. Bot checker – Information auto tweeting bot
  4. Fully compatible with mobile devices.
  5. Auto Tweet
  6. Twitter realtime roll for offline events

TweetGuru Link

I am pretty sure that you might be knows more twitter tools to send direct messages, so do please share with us.

“Please don’t try to sale anything with direct message on twitter because this will flame and flag your account to get banned. Use this feature to stay connected with your followers.”

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