7 Free Auto Following Followers Tools for Twitter Auto Follow

Hey Blogger Outliners! Twitter is a perfect and most powerful social networking site for spreading your words to your followers.

Hey Blogger Outliners!

Twitter is a perfect and most powerful social networking site for spreading your words to your followers. Big brands most favorite platform for popularity and successful online marketing.
To getting more popularity and followers on twitter, there are hundreds of strategies but one of the best is follow your followers. Though, if you have thousand or even hundreds of followers it is tough work to follow them back.

twitter auto follow

Little while ago, twitter had a feature called “twitter auto follow” but now it is completely shutdown. Don’t worries you can still enjoy with this feature with third party free twitter followers apps. Third party auto twitter follower’s apps give you the solution, you have to setup once and forget to do this again. Alongside of twitter auto follow I suggest you to setup twitter automatic direct Message.

Below I am going to share with you 7 best Free auto follow tools for twitter auto following.

7 Best Twitter Auto Follow Tools


Tweepi have a feature called reciprocate, a very simple and fully featured tools to follow them who are following you. Reciprocate give you the option to follow them in bulk or choose to whom you want to follow.

Your Twitter Karma:

Twitter Karma is a 3rd party twitters automation and management tool which allow you to do the followings.

  • Auto follow of followers
  • Listing option (twitter friends, mutual friends and much more)
  • Bulk unfollow
  • Bulk unfollow those who not following back

The perfect thing about twitter karma which i personally like is that there is no time consuming process to follow or unfollow followers, you can do it in matters of seconds.


A very professional and easy to use platform which is not just to auto follow tool but it is much more. Pluggio offers different kind of services like

  • Twitter Auto follow
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Schedule auto tweets
  • Browsing your friends popular tweets
  • Friends instant retweet
  • Quick editing for retweet

Friend or Follow:

A unique twitter tool that have unique features, like who unfollowed you. FriendorFollow offers the following features.
Choose the exact twitter follower that you want to follow

  • Who unfollow you
  • You friend not following you
  • Twitter auto follow


socialoomph best direct messaging tool

SocialOomph is on the reciprocate trend now which provide feature to follow your followers on twitter and you can read more about socialoomph here.


TweetAdder very simple, unique and powerful software which leads you to do the following

  • Auto follow your twitter followers
  • People following you back
  • Updates
  • People to follow
  • People to follow back
  • People to unfollow
  • Auto twets

You can read more about tweetadder here

I want to know your ideas and experiments of using these or any other tools regarding twitter auto following. Do let us know via comment.

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