How AI Has Changed Blogging: What You Need to Know

In days gone by, you can get away with simply stringing together a few different words and phrases from several people’s work online and

In days gone by, you can get away with simply stringing together a few different words and phrases from several people’s work online and consider it a new piece of content. However, this would only work for a handful of people. Still, with the advent of AI, you only need to plug in a few different words (with the more intricate versions), and you can get an entire book written in just a few moments. This has had some effects on blogging, but to what extent?

AI has changed the blogging world in the last few years, creating a more effortless experience overall. However, although it has many perks, like saving time and efficiency, it lacks other aspects, like creativity. 

This article will discuss what AI writing is, how it has changed blogging, and whether it will replace certain aspects. This information is vital to help you better understand what is happening in the world and to help you know what may or may not be coming. We highly encourage you to continue reading below. 

AI writing

What Is AI Writing?


AI writing is utilizing AI systems and algorithms to create dynamic content for people and businesses faster than your average blogger, and access to the entirety of the Internet to draw data and information from the variety it produces can be staggering. Still, this does come with your average pros and cons.


How Has AI Changed Blogging?


When AI hit the scene regarding blogging, it was quite the game changer because it allows writers who utilize it to create blog posts and unique pieces of content on the fly and devote their entire focus to projects that must be hand-tailored to a specific audience. 

Still, the drawback is that the content it creates can be rather dull or nonsensical unless the bot has been taught to simulate a human’s touch and refined enough to hit the targets the person utilizing it has set.

Another utility that comes from introducing AI into the blogging world is how a blogger can gather data to write about. With the newer analysis tools, a blogger can easily spot trends and patterns that allow them to create incredibly engaging content without sifting through hundreds of posts or investing hours researching material.


1. AI-Powered Chat Bots


Chatbots are one of the earliest forms of an AI system that most people have interacted with. These automated systems allow someone to interact with their audience or customers without any personal involvement, giving them the feeling of an immediate reaction and an answer to any pre-registered questions they might have.


2. AI-Powered Analytics Tools


As mentioned above, analytics tools utilizing AI tech can gather impressive amounts of data in seconds. Not only this, but the analytics tool can break down into charts, graphs, or any other measurement metric to give users a better scope of what they are looking at and more easily create content or media that would garner attention for their business or projects.


3. AI-Content Creation Tools


In much the same way the analytics tools can be used to gather data, the creation tools are used to generate said content directly. Using the two in tandem can allow someone to create a vast range in record time. However, this requires extensive knowledge and tailoring for the bots to create something that doesn’t look like gibberish but is impossible.


4. AI-Powered Content Optimization Tools


If the two previous tabs were gathering data, and the one immediately after was creating, optimization tools enable you to make that same content you created even more thrilling and compelling to would-be customers or readers by adding selective pieces of information that will allow search engines to more easily find your website. It will generate more views by association and stronger engagement in the same regard.


5. AI-Powered Analysis Tools


The best way to view analysis tools is to think of them as a learning process for your AI or school. Your AI would go through a set amount of information and learn from it. This allows it to more closely resemble what you genuinely want your posts, blogs, or content to look like by seeing what worked and what also fell flat, ensuring future content you create will hit the target more accurately with your hopes and expectations.

AI writing

Advantages & Disadvantages of AI Blog Writing


Like everything in life, AI technology has its pros and cons. It is important to read through it, especially if you are considering investing in AI technology to help your blog move further quickly. 




1. Consistency


If you are using AI to write your blogs, you can maintain a more consistent update pattern because the entire process takes less time and less effort from you or your team to get your content out.


2. Saves Time


Investing less time in every portion of the process will shave off immense time in creating, producing, and releasing all the blogs you write.


3. Efficient


Less effort invested and less time utilized will mean the entire process will be more efficient for everyone involved.


4. Customization


As you create more content by the week (or day for those of you who are more ambitious), you will be able to customize the data to be more than a simple filler for people engaging with your content and thus become something you are proud to have to represent you or your business.


5. Provides Language Analysis Capabilities


On the outside, it might seem more beneficial to keep things at a Webster’s dictionary level of understanding regarding how your blogs are posted. Still, not all audiences want to read something out of an encyclopedia. To that end, language analysis could allow your AI to pick up slang or other hip terminology used within certain circles and make your content more engaging.




1. Lacks Emotions


As an AI, it lacks any emotion or passion someone who cares about the topic could generate, and due to this, you might lose a certain amount of engagement immediately.


2. Does Not Provide Human Creativity


The content created wouldn’t necessarily be generic. Still, the ability to think out of the box and come to a conclusion that would be highly interesting to people in the field you are speaking out of would be severely limited.


3. Provides the Potential for Errors


You will hit some issues between information exchange, a hands-off method, and a goal of rapidly creating content. Anything ranging from sentences that need clarification to a misunderstanding of how two ideas might overlap can crop up.


Will AI Replace Bloggers?


Quite a few people suggested or thought that AI would replace bloggers entirely. While this isn’t directly true, the bar for working as a blogger will rise substantially as more and more efficient and creative bots hit the scene, pressing people to be unique but also inadvertently creating an audience that wants explicitly content that is “handwritten,” so no, it will not wholly replace bloggers.


Is AI Good for Blogging?


In the right hands, AI can be fantastic for blogging, especially for someone who is either independent and looking to get a fresh start on things or someone who is looking to cut some of their costs by replacing portions of their team with automated systems, the data gathering aspect of AI can be helpful to a blogger as well, allowing the AI to collect data, and the blogger to write, keeping the most integral parts of your blog human while keeping your time investment low.


What Is the Future of Blogging After ChatGPT?


ChatGPT will constantly evolve and get more dynamic and creative, learning how it is used and adapting significantly to each challenge. At the same time, it may only be a gamble of time until certain aspects of a blog created by ChatGPT become indistinguishable from something a human makes. The passion is what it will always miss, as well as the ability to be innovative with its topics, so while it will save time, it will never outright replace human bloggers.


Final Thoughts


If you are new to blogging and looking to make your blogs more appealing, AI can make an excellent addition to your current process. Still, even Veterans of the field can appreciate an extra hand in research and optimization, especially when it comes to keeping your content tailored to your audience and, most importantly, engaging. Using AI throughout certain aspects of your blogging process can prove invaluable if you don’t become a “copypasta” blogger.

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