WordPress Hacks: How to Add WhatsApp Sharing Button on WordPress Blog?

“Every time we looked at WhatsApp numbers, it blew us away”, is what Jon Steinberg, the President of Buzz Feed…

“Every time we looked at WhatsApp numbers, it blew us away”, is what Jon Steinberg, the President of Buzz Feed after they took the step to add WhatsApp sharing button on the website. Sooner than expected, WhatsApp shares surpassed that of Twitter. WhatsApp is truly the global leader in instant, real-time messaging and has immense potential to traffic new and recurrent traffic. Currently, it has more than 600 million users globally.

Benefits to Add WhatsApp Sharing Button on WordPress Blog

They are:

  • Capturing Smartphone Traffic – Facebook and Twitter are the common social sharing options and when anyone clicks on the sharing buttons, they are redirected to a sharing page or the sharing page doesn’t open due to slow internet connection. The reader gives up and leaves your blog without sharing. However, when you add WhatsApp sharing button on WordPress, the reader directly shares the blog post link to his/her favorite contacts or groups. This brings instant traffic to the shared blog post and if it’s good, the new reader forwards it to his/her contacts and thus, the post sharing goes on.
  • Easier and Simpler – sharing of blog posts on WhatsApp is easier and simpler. The reader doesn’t have to login and authenticate any social sharing account. It’s synced with the contact list and thus, sharing goes super easy.
  • Tracking on Google Analytics – You need to track traffic coming from WhatsApp on Google Analytics, right? Some of the WhatsApp sharing tools listed below has this functionality.

5 Plugins to Add WhatsApp Sharing Button on WordPress Blog

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to add WhatsApp sharing button on WordPress blog. You don’t need any coding skills. Simply add any of the recommended WhatsApp sharing plugins, setup the settings and you’re done. Check with your smartphone to test if it’s working or not.

1) Mobile Share Bar

Works With: iOS
Link: click here

It is still the topmost downloaded WhatsApp sharing plugin. With the widget you can drive social traffic on the blog because when WhatsApp contacts will read the post, they will share it on social media sites. You can setup which posts should display the WhatsApp share button. At present, the WhatsApp share button will be visible to readers using iPhone device.

2) Add To Any

Works With: iOS and Android
Link: click here

This is yet another great plugin to add WhatsApp sharing button on WordPress blog. Not only WhatsApp, you can connect more than 100 social sharing buttons of various social networks. The plugin is extremely easy to integrate and you can choose from many button styles. There is also an ‘email’ option by which a post can be automatically emailed. You can choose the sharing option location and the nature of posts to be shared.

3) WhatsApp Share Button

Works With: iOS and Android
Link: click here

It’s a single purpose plugin, which is adding a WhatsApp sharing button above or below post content. The button is automatically added to all posts but you can choose custom post types and pages. You can also use [whatsapp] shortcode to decide custom titles and links.

4) Helios Solutions WhatsApp Share

Works With: All platforms
Link: click here

This is a recommended plugin if you’re running an eCommerce site. It has both Free and Paid versions.

In the Free version, you can make the plugin compatible with various post types and create campaign groups in WhatsApp with which information about your products or simple blog post links can be shared for free globally.

The Paid version has the above features, plus you can integrate it with WooCommerce which will allow you to share product links, its name and price in WhatsApp. In reverse, you can add the ‘Share on WhatsApp’ button the WooCommerce powered online store and start marketing your products.


This is a bonus entry and isn’t directly connected to adding a WhatsApp sharing button. Then what?

5) WhatsApp Contact Form 7 Integration

Works With: All Devices
Link: click here

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress. Installing the above plugin will enable you to receive contact form updates immediately to the synced WhatsApp account.

In short, when anyone fills up the contact form, you are instantly notified about it on WhatsApp. In the free version, you only get the notification but in the PRO version, the notification will contain the contact form details like name and email address. As such, you won’t need to access email account to read the contact form details. Isn’t this amazing?


You must add WhatsApp sharing button on WordPress blog if it’s active and updated frequently. The WhatsApp user market is huge and you should maximise its potential. Moreover, people are abandoning computers and laptops in favor of smartphones; therefore, your blog content should promote smartphone sharing and adding the WhatsApp sharing button is the best way.

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