What is Backlink and How to Get Backlinks?

Backlinks, Links or Link Juice, all these are quite common terms in blogging world.

Backlinks, Links or Link Juice, all these are quite common terms in blogging world. If you were a blogger or still practicing it, then you would have definitely come across Backlinking. It is also the main channel to fetch more traffic to your site. Also, it is one of the earnest strategies that are followed in Search Engine Optimization. For the beginners, it might be a new word. Let me tell you about what is backlink:

What is Backlinks and How to get backlinks

What is Backlink?

As cited in Wikipedia, Backlinks are incoming links to the website. It is an imperative strategy of Search Engine Optimization and more number of backlinks you submit at different site, chances of more visits at your site increases. It is a helpful strategy. These are also responsible to calculate the page rank. It is a simple source of marketing of your blog. It potentially increases visibility of the site among users. With the help of backlinks, when your site has already attained attention, it will increase voluntary users to your site. Also, your site will be ranked at the top of Google searches.
An extremely common term that is associated with Backlinks is ‘Anchor Text’. Anchor Text is an HTML code that is given to the target keyword that you are using for backlinking. But before you can explore all about Anchor Text, it is mandatory to understand the structure about what is backlink.

Importance of Backlinking
As I mentioned earlier, it is quite mandatory element for Search Engine optimization, here are some of the advantages of Backlinking:

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Speedy Indexing
  • Increase Page Rank
  • More Traffic
  • Improve Credibility of your site

How to Get Backlinks?

How to get Backlinks

Next step is to learn the ways to start Backlinks. Beside the number of links, quality of backlinks is equally essential. If you submit links of your website at non-matching or irrelative websites then you are likely to get spammed by Google soon. For example, if you have a blogging site with health and wellness niche and you are submitting links in fashion and clothing sites then this is considered as unethical in SEO and your website will be spammed soon.
According to Penguin Algorithm in Search Engine Optimization, Google will spam all the sites that have irrelevant and bad links. Penguin Update was launched in year 2012 and it has abolished all the sites with bad links.

Coming back to point, there are some ways that can teach you how to get backlinks.

  • Persuasive and Compelling Content
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Bookmarking
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Directory Submissions
  • Blog Commenting

Let us discuss all the above mentioned methods in detail to explore in depth about how to get backlinks:

Persuasive Content
Regardless of what niche you have selected for your blog, the content inside it must be useful for the readers. There are multiple ways to make your content easy to understand and persuasive for readers. It is no point writing content if readers don’t find it helpful. Sites that educate individuals are considered as best blogging sites. Tutorials and practical examples are best to educate readers.

Article Submission
Article Submission is an ultimate way to get backlinks. There are some sites where you can submit articles relative to your niche of writing. You can take examples of ezinearticles.com, www.goarticles.com, www.articlebase.com or www.articlebiz.com, these sites are considered as the top-notch platforms to submit articles and get quality backlinks for your site.
How to get backlinks from Article submission sites:

  • Visit any of the above mentioned article submission site
  • Register on the site by filling particulars
  • Click at New Post Button
  • Copy Content of your article in the post
  • Add Description and Keyword
  • Give backlink to the keyword by using Anchor Text

There is also another way of giving backlink is by giving the URL of your site in authors bio at the end.

Guest Posting
Another fine way to get backlinks is via Guest Posting. Some sites welcome writers to create their account at their site and post your own blogs. Guest Posting follows a very simple process:

  • Search for Guest Posting sites matching to your niche of blogs
  • Register at the site
  • Add New Post
  • Add keywords and Description and give backlinks to the keywords using Anchor Text

It is a much followed trend of getting backlinks from such fantastic channel

Bookmarking is a renowned trend in getting backlinks. By learning the process of bookmarking you can make it easy to understand the significance of what is backlink. You can visit sites such as Reddit.com, Stumbleupon.com, Tumblr.com, Delicious.com, Diigo.com etc and do backlinking via bookmarking. Follow the process to submit backlink at Bookmarking sites:

  • Visit any of the above mentioned site
  • Register
  • Click at ‘Add Bookmark’.
  • Give required information
  • Add URL of your website
  • Click at ‘OK’ Button

Following these few simple steps, you can easily submit backlinks at bookmarking sites.
Yahoo Answers
Yahoo answers are another perfect way of getting backlinks. You can simply answer the questions of readers and either use a keyword using Anchor Text to get backlink or give URL of your site. In this way, you just learn another spectacular way on how to get backlinks.

Directory Submission
Google lists number of directories in its search engine. Directory submission is a common SEO technique that is followed by all SEO people. It is among the most common way of getting backlinks and to promote more traffic at your blogging site. Some of the most common examples of Directory Submission sites are Dmoz.com, SitePromotiondirectory.com, and HighRankDirectory.com etc. You simply have to visit any of these sites, register and create account and submit the link of your website in relative fields. It is a perfect way to learn about how to get backlinks.

Blog Commenting
There are number of blogging sites that allow users to comment on their blogs. Every reader likes to read comments of other readers and discover about what they think about the blog. Also it is the best way to get more interesting points about the same niche. Blog commenting is also one of the best way to submit links and get backlinks. You can simply visit blogs that matches your niche of writing, add a comment and add URL of your blog. This will also help you in increasing backlinks and getting more traffic. You can also add keywords in your comment using anchor text.

Beside all these, there are number of other methods for backlinking. Therefore, I will be ending today’s article and hope that you must have learned about what is backlink and how to get backlinks.

Important Note: Regardless of what method you are following for backlinking, links must be of high quality and these must be submitted at relative niche sites. This is the only way that can safeguard you from getting spammed by Google Penguin Algorithm. Let me know your views in the comment section.

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