Various Platforms To Share Blog Post After Publishing

Blogging as a profession is quite a taxing task. We spend hours and hours thinking on a topic and then crafting it according to

Blogging as a profession is quite a taxing task. We spend hours and hours thinking on a topic and then crafting it according to our style of writing. Before you publish the content, it is imperative to know basic requisites of how to create a superlative content. There are 3 ingredients that are used in creating a scrumptious content. These three essentials are:

  • Fancy Headline/ Title
  • Impressive and Persuasive Content
  • Keyword to create backlinks

This is the basic structure for framing an impressive content. What after you have published the blog post? What should be the next task? You should sit back and wait for a visitor to come and read your work or step out with your manual marketing campaign to promote your work? I would say that promotion part is better as sitting home and waiting for visitors is mere foolishness.

Various Platforms to Share Blog after Publishing

However this is absolutely true that not all your content can rank high in search engine, but efforts from your end are highly necessary. Promotions on social media sites, bookmarking, back linking, forum posting, article submission sites, all these tools and strategies can help you in a perfect promotion of your work and allow readers to buy your thoughts. Suppose you are done with a content, published it in your site, now without wasting a second, start working on the promotion part.
“Search Engine Optimization”, you must have heard of this term. Yes, it is a set of tricks and strategies that can make your work visible to readers and reach some of the quality crowd. There are number of techniques that you can use in SEO to promote your blog sites. As here we are promoting our blog sites on social media and concentrating on sharing our work with others, we will target on SMO i.e. Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization consists of sharing your work on Social Media Platforms such as:


Indubitably, Facebook is the most followed social networking site. For the promotion of your work, nothing can be better than Facebook. There are majorly two ways of promotion on Facebook:

  • Create your website’s/fan page: Post the link of your blog sites on FB’s page wall.
  • Profile: Also you can post the link on your profile’s wall. In this way, every person in your contact can see the link and visit.
    Just make sure of keeping all your public settings enable so that your work can reach maximum amount of individuals.


Another highly famed platform for the promotion of your work. You can simply post the link of your write up on the wall. Every individual that is added in your twitter account will be able to see your update and they can visit to your site if they find it interesting. Keep all the visibility settings of your account to public so that everyone can reach your page and discover your work. You can also re-tweet your work after few hours so that it can be discovered by more and more people.
Please Note: It will be more impressive if you submit and small description about the niche of your write up and include your keyword using ‘#’ tag that can take user directly to your blog sites.


Following the etiquettes of presenting a blog and blog sites, you got to add images in it, as much as you can. Pinterest being a visual social bookmarking site, can help you in promoting your blog with the help of images that you have used. It is another trendiest way to promote your work. You just have to optimize your images and give them backlink to your blog sites by using Hash Tag. You need to know about tools that can help you in creating pinnable images and use them with hash tag for promotions.


Tumblr is a social bookmarking site. Tumblr can help you in few ways such as :

  1. Image Sharing or Video Sharing i.e. we can share images or videos that have been used in our content and link them by using ‘#’ tag. Anyone visiting images or video that you have shared, will be immediately triggered back to your blog sites.
  2. Article Sharing i.e. you can either post your article as it is or you can visit “link” tab and share the URL of your blog, using “ANCHOR” text. This is the simplest mean of sharing your work at Tumblr.

Google+ :

Given the hiking trend of Google Plus and number of users taking advantage of the platform for socializing and sharing their skills, G+ is an awe-inspiring way of blog promotion. G+ can help your blog promotion in the following ways:

1. Sharing via G+ Profile:

This is the most common method. You simply have to post the link of your blog on your profile. You need to do all the required setting like enabling Hash Tag settings so that your post is easily visible to all the users and other connected to them. G+ is an ideal promotion platform and there are many innovative features that can help you in better marketing. For more information, you can read tips and tricks of promotion at Google Plus.

2. Google+ Communities:

For every blogger, it is imperative to join all the necessary communities and Google plus can help you earnestly. You can join communities according to your niche of writing, where you can visit and share your work, get some potential feedback and improve your skills. As these communities are the groups of concurring individuals, people will not only appreciate your work, but as they will share your work, you will automatically get more and more traffic to your blog sites.


StumbleUpon is one the the oldest content discovery network and popular social bookmarking website. If your content is picked up by many users on stumbleUpon you can drive thousands of traffic. You just have to publish or submit your latest post with proper tags, description.

JustReTweet is a simple web app for twitter, where you can submit your content for retweeting. But for retweeting you need point, and you can get points by retweeting others content. I suggest you personally for ever post, try to earn 35+ point minimum. Please keep in mind your article will be tweeted by real people so make it more intracting.

Forum Posting::

Forum Posting is discussion boards with different niche of discussion topics. You can join forums in your niche of writing and post comment along-with the target keyword with ‘Anchor’ text. It is also a constructive way of generating traffic at your blog sites.

Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting is also an amazing promotional technique. As you are linked up with multiple communities, you can simply go through the blogs of other famed writers and comment along with the keyword of your blog. For every individual that will read the comments can visit your site for more information. Consider the example: If you have ever read comments on a blog, you must have found comments such as “You can find more information about the topic here”, along with a link is shared. If you don’t share the link to your blog then you can simply write your keyword and use “Anchor Text” to provide link. This is what we call blog commenting.


Newsletter/ Email Marketing: Considering your target audience, you can jot down e-mail addresses of all the visitors that have ever visited to your blog site. Sending newsletter is also becoming a common source of marketing these days. For Newsletter promotions, you need to have an E-mail account, create a newsletter and send it to all your contacts. It is a personal way of promotion of your blog sites.

Social Bookmarking:

Also you can do Social Bookmarking in high page rank sites. Minimum page rank that is considered for value bookmarking is 2 because such sites are considered as quality sites by Google. Some of the hugh flying of Social Bookmarking are:


Well, everyday new and new techniques are coming up for blogging that can help you in increasing traffic at your blog sites. Please signup for our newsletter on the right sidebar to stay update and  Keep your eye open for the newest methods and follow the trends to survive in this competitive world. Happy Blogging!

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