Social Media Marketing in 2015: Future Prospects

The scope of social media marketing in 2015 looks rocking! The Internet revolution has sparked off an entirely new world of limitless opportunities.

The scope of social media marketing in 2015 looks rocking!

The Internet revolution has sparked off an entirely new world of limitless opportunities. Over the past decade, numerous successful businesses have evolved from online and digital modes of operation.

ECommerce, blogging and social media mediums has established huge markets throughout the globe and given birth to a new kind of market leader, the “DIGIPRENEUR” or an entrepreneur who is involved in an idea which can only take business shape when executed in the online word.

Social Media Marketing in 2015 - Future Prospects

Social media marketing is a prominent method to gain online success. It is the way to attract more traffic to your website through execution of promotion and marketing strategies on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In this article, I am going to share and discuss some marketing statistics, displaying that growth of social media marketing in 2015 looks immensely promising.

Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions

Over the course of its existence, social media marketing has grown explosively and proven as an essential tool for aspiring digipreneurs and also as an opportunity for the noteworthy to form an online consulting empire and act as middle management for businesses to carry out effective social media marketing for them.

According to, 46% of web users look to social media before making a purchase and 8 out of 10 SMBs use social media for their business to drive growth. Social media leaders like Facebook have evolved into market leaders in the area of social media marketing. According to current statistics, 70% of B2C consumers have acquired their customers through Facebook.

These numbers are a clear indication of how intensely social media marketing has penetrated our lives. The underlying question is that what does the future hold? This is the question which ponders over a lot of minds but do we have the answers?

We may have some and speculate the others but no one can assert anything with 100% guarantee.

Speculation gives rise to more underlying questions which form the base of what is and what will be of social media marketing in 2015 and the further future.

Social Media Marketing in 2015

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1) Where is the SEO bound to reach?

A very important aspect of social media marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a digital craft of improving your website’s online presence and makes it easily available to more and more users.

Over the years, SEO has integrated into all online marketing strategies. The numbers speak for themselves. According to HubSpot, 61% of global Internet users research products online out of which 44% start by logging on to a search engine.

This is bound to increase in the future as there is a trademark shift in customer interests from brick and mortar institutions to those which are online.

So as far as SEO is concerned, it is probable to see more intense social media marketing strategies involving SEO marketing and optimization.

2) What is the extent of blogging and other content media?

When it comes to making an effective social media marketing presence, some key strategies like blogging, micro-creative blogging, video uploads and other forms of content marketing become an integral feature of the whole strategy. You’ve platforms like WordPress, Webs, YouTube, TouchTalent, Medium and more to help expand audience reach. Therefore, it is essential to speculate their whereabouts and know where they stand and where they could be going.

According to HubSpot, there are 31% more bloggers than there were 3 years ago, which is an excellent growth rate of 10%. This becomes more obvious as we come to know that 46% of people online read blogs more than twice a day.

Also, 82% of marketers who blog daily have acquired customers through their blog. This indicates the importance of content and blogging in social media marketing and given the numbers and the growth rate, one should expect more uninterrupted growth in the time to come.

3) What role will smartphones play?

The advent of smartphones and tablets has made the Internet and its consequent offerings available to a whole new class of people who were devoid of computer systems. This has opened new avenues for social media marketing.

According to DazeInfo, there will be over 2 billion smartphone users in 2015. This means almost 30% of the global world population will be a potential market for all online businesses. Yankee Group says that mobile marketing will increase three-fold by 2016.

All these statistics clearly indicate that mobiles will be an integral part of social media marketing in the time to come and one should plan strategies accordingly.

4) Where can we see social media marketing in 2015?

According to this SlideShare presentation, the number of businesses which say that Facebook is critically important to their business has increased by 75% since 2009. Social media marketing in 2015 will involve online business owners investing actively and aggressively on social media promotional medium for maximum business growth.

Usage of other social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter also peaked and the numbers continue to rise. This indicates a non-declining trend in social media outreach and thus, it is clearly observed that in the time to come, the importance and extent of social media marketing is bound to increase.

A survey of CMO’s by HubSpot says that spending on marketing analytics is bound to increase by 60% in 2015. Consumers are increasingly inclined towards online methods of purchasing and surfing. The credit for this paradigm shift should go to the increasing offers and promos available online. Do you know that 37% of people buy the brand that they follow on Twitter?


If you’ve any kind of online business, you must invest in social media marketing in 2015.

We are bound to see intense online campaigns, blogging and content development and heightened social media marketing. It is indeed official that the online media and the opportunities within are bound to produce more innovative ideas and in turn, they will produce more exhaustive and penetrating social media marketing strategies.

The opportunities seem great for both pure online firms and the brick and mortar firms to exploit the economic and other advantages the Internet has to offer. Only time will tell that how explosive will the market be but one thing is sure, the journey of social media marketing in 2015 is bound to be sparkling.

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