Link Building Guide – An Essential Element for your Blog

Moving on to the next chapter of blogging, I would like to share the most important aspect that not only popularize the blog…

Hello Bloggers!

Moving on to the next chapter of blogging, I would like to share the most important aspect that not only popularize the blog, but it is the core of all the factors related to SEO. We call it “Link Building”.

What do you understand by the term Link Building?

Google require passages to crawl on your site and links are those roads that take crawlers to the site and get them positioned in Search Engine. More quality and clean links you use, more you can get your site ranked high in Search engine.

link building guide An Essential Element for your Blog

With the help of link Building, you can create a map for search engines to understand about how pages of your site are related to one another. Basically, it is a formula for search engines to calculate trustworthiness of your site and understand popularity of your blog. Count of the sites that are linked to your blog is important, but reasons for the site to link to your blog are more important.
These are basically votes of other sites that think your site is worthy enough to be linked with. You might have thousands of reasons to submit backlinks of your site and major concerns are to improvise Page Rank and generate quality traffic. Regardless of the reasons of link building, it is essential for you to know type of Link Building:

  • Link Building to increase Backlinks
  • Link Building to generate traffic
  • Link Building to increase Page Rank

Let me explain every aspect in detail:Link Building to increase Backlinks:

As already mentioned backlinks depict the popularity of the site. If you have some competitor in the market then you can check the backlinks of his site i.e. number of links and quality of links. You can check the ranking by using SEO tools such as


Therefore, you have number of tools available online that can help you in checking backlinks of a site. Some techniques that can help you in creating great back links are Directory submission, article submission, site-wide link building etc.Link Building to generate Traffic:

Considering the purpose of blogging, the only thing to target is to generate traffic at your site. Vital purpose of Link Building is to generate maximum amount of traffic at your site. Link building can help you in generating traffic in following ways:

  • Paid Links
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Bloggers Reviews
  • Submission of links in sites with top Alexa Rank
  • Social Networking
  • Press Releases

Traffic of your site can be checked with the help of Google Analytic Tool.Link Building to increase Page Rank:

While the purpose of Link building is to get familiar with more and more people, page rank plays an imperative role. Page Rank is an algorithm that tells about the number of people that are visiting your site. It also tells you about number of visitors that are pointing towards the sites where you have submitted your links. That is why, it is suggested to submit links of your blogs in sites with high PR. Methods that can help you in increasing Page Rank of your site are:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Baiting
  • Text Link Buying
  • Mass Press Releasing

To check page rank of the site you can either download an add-on in Firefox called WebRank tool or you can check it from other SEO tools such as WooRank.
After the complete discussion on type of Link Building, I would like you to know about its benefits.Advantages of Link Building

  • Remarkable increase in the visibility of your blog
  • If your site has quality content, then with the help of Link Building, you can get quality backlinks that will increase credibility of your site.
  • Site will rank well in Search Engines
  • Increase the possibility of getting immense amount of traffic at your site
  • Being most important aspect of SEO, it will increase more business to your site

Attributes of a Constructive Link

Purpose of Link Building is to use links in such a way that it is justifying its role in SEO. There are certain attributes of a link to be considered. Take a look below:Anchor Text

Anchor Text is used to generate link in the content. It is usually applied on the keyword that is being targeted. To provide anchor text to a keyword, consider the following format:

<a href=”url”>keyword</a>

You can use this format to generate anchor text in your content on the targeted keyword. Anchor text is basically applied to the keyword that covers and justifies the topic fully. As it is a significant feature to create backlink, it has to be used wisely. Also make sure that you are using right keyword and content is all about the topic that you have stated in that keyword. As this keyword will help in producing constructive backlinks, you need to attach quality pages with anchor text. Concentrate much on submitting backlinks on traffic generating sites. Relevance

Link building moves on some standards and ethics. It is imperative to link a keyword that is relevant to the topic of the blog. Also the submission of the link has to be done in relevant sites. Suppose you have a blogging site on Health niche, so it will be necessary for you to submit the links of your blogs on other health related sites. Regardless of any SEO or SMO method you are following such as article submission, forum posting, blog commenting or any other, you must submit the links on health related sites. If you go off-the-track, then you will be spammed by Google. Submit your links at same category sites.Quality Submission

Links must be submitted at the sites that are popularized in Google searches. If the sites where you have submitted your links get spammed, then you too will be spammed soon. You can check credibility of the site such as Page Rank, Traffic, Reviews, and Backlinks etc. from good SEO tool such as By using such tool, you can easily diagnose the site perfectly.Fresh Rank

Sites with new links are considered as quality sites in Google searches. Suppose you have a blog that is ranking well in Google searches. If you don’t make it marketable and add new links to your blog then it will be thrashed out of the searches. To keep your blog at the top position in Google searches, you definitely need to work on updating new links in your blog.Sharing Links in Social Networking Sites

Maximum traffic that a site can enjoy is from social networking sites. You just have to share your blog at all the social networking sites by adding your blog’s link using “Anchor Text”. You can read more about social sharing here ” Various Platforms to Share Blog Post after Publishing” to know better about different platforms where you can share your blog for promotions.

So Bloggers, this was a complete guide about link building. It is a significant factor, so start taking it seriously if you want to make a great career out of blogging and let us know your suggestion in the comments.

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