Bluehost WordPress Shared Hosting Review

With the wide acceptance of E-Commerce and hiking trend of blogging, web hosting companies are enjoying a lot of business these days.

With the wide acceptance of E-Commerce and hiking trend of blogging, web hosting companies are enjoying a lot of business these days. Many new web hosts are coming up with their innovative offerings to make hosting a fun experience for all the buyers. Most of the bloggers prefer WordPress Hosting for their sites and you can find mammoth of companies that offer brilliant services for WordPress blogs. Among all the ruling players in web hosting realm, Bluehost is somewhere at the top. Bluehost has raised its bar potentially and more customers are relying on the company for its brilliant and exclusive services. We will here discuss Bluehost Reviews and also the reasons for you to select Bluehost WordPress hosting:

Bluehost Shared Hosting for WordPress

There are some essentials that every blogger expects from WordPress web hosting such as

  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Hosting resources
  • Ease to use
  • Customer Support

With Bluehost hosting, you can find most reliable service, packages that are easily affordable and 24×7 customer support that you will learn in this Bluehost Hosting reviews. Bluehost hosting packages come in different platforms such as Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting and WordPress hosting. For every new blog, I would say that Shared hosting is preferred as it is economical, easy to manage and reliable.
On the other hand, if you have an existing blog then I would say that WordPress hosting is better than any other. To learn about Bluehost WordPress hosting, I would like to share some parameters that are used to measure a web hosting company for WordPress Hosting. These factors will help in accessing whether Bluehost hosting is worth for your blog or not. Let’s discuss all these factors in detail below:

Bluehost WordPress Shared Hosting Review

Optimized WordPress Hosting

recommended by WordPress

In this first chapter of Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review, I would like you to get introduced to WordPress optimized hosting. About Bluehost WordPress Hosting, you can install the setup and do interface work within 5 minutes. If you find any problem with the installation process, you can find a WordPress guide to help. It is easily available online. Still facing trouble? You can take help from tutorials. Again facing problem? Click on help and get in touch with customer care in just seconds. Bluehost is finely optimized with WordPress blog and many bloggers rely on Bluehost for WordPress optimization. As per official WordPress hosting page, Bluehost is fully compatible and top rated with WordPress as shared hosting.


As I mentioned, more and more bloggers are relying on Bluehost with their blogging site, you can anytime check the popularity of site by reading Bluehost Reviews that are given by existing customers. For a reliable WordPress host, running the latest version of PHP and MYSQL is not the only concern, handling the load of extra features that are being added to the site is also equally imperative. Bluehost balances all the services quite efficiently. Bluehost review says it all as it is the voice of customers that are more than satisfied with the services. Besides, there is a tool called ‘Open Source Explorer’, it is a simple SEO tool that tells everything about the site. You can check traffic of Bluehost, its downtime, Bounce rate and all other parameters that are giving a recurring progress to the site.

Link to BlueHost – Discounted Price


Price is quite a concern for every buyer. Well, you can find Bluehost wordoress hosting in 4 different packages:

Bluehost wordpess hosting prices
Click on image to check full price list

You can invest in any of the packages and check its minimum price range at the official site of Bluehost. Payments can be made easily with the help of Credit cards or PayPal.

Hosting Resources

While reading about Bluehost WordPress hosting, everyone would like to know about resources. Main concern of every blogger is to enjoy unlimited resources and with every plan that you buy at Bluehost, you will find:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited MYSQL database size
  • High CPU limit

Ease of Use

cPanel is one of the easiest hosting panel ever in the history, cPanel empower you to manage you hosting much easier than ever. Bluehost uses cPanel and one of those few hosting companies which let you access with SSH.

Customer Support

Bluehost customer support

Peeping at the good side of Bluehost hosting, I would say that it has most remarkable customer support that customers can enjoy. You can get in touch with customer care executives via live chat or telephonic chat. Company has quite a lot of experience to offer such amazing customer service and to maintain the goodwill.

Extra Bonus from Bluehost

While you sign up with Bluehost you will get the following as a bonus.

  • 100$ adword coupon
  • 50$ facebook coupon
  • 50$ Twitter coupon
  • Free yellow pages listing
  • Bing ad coupon
  • Sitelock CDN/WAF

This is not all about Bluehost WordPress hosting as there are thousands of more aspects that make Bluehost hosting most preferable. But for the major points, I would say that Bluehost is a remarkable web host for all kind of WordPress hosting services.

Let me know your views about Bluehost WordPress hosting in comments.

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