Blogging – The Future of Branding Yourself

Hello Blogger Outliners! Today’s topic comprise of 2 elements: Blogging and Branding.

Hello Blogger Outliners!
Today’s topic comprise of 2 elements: Blogging and Branding. In this post, you will get up-close and personal with following concepts:

  • What is a Blog?
  • What is Branding?
  • Relation of Blogging and Branding
  • Advantages of Blogging for creating a brand
  • Strategies
Blogging is The Future of Branding Yourself

Let’s start with our chapters one by one:
What is a Blog?
According to Wikipedia, A Blog is a self maintained web page or website that witnesses regular updations on related topics. It is usually maintained by an individual or a small group of people. Articles that are updated on a blog are mostly conversational style. Blogging as a profession is being adopted by many individuals. It gives you a freedom to talk and express your thoughts to likeminded people.

what is branding

What is Branding?
Branding is defined as a process and strategies that are followed to create a differentiated and unique presence in market. Branding aims at establishing significant name in market and creates awareness among users. Branding yourself is an art and it involves multiple concepts to follow.
To become a brand via blogging, you must have following skills:

  • In depth knowledge of the niche that you are writing about
  • Artistic skills of writing top-notch blogs that can captivate readers
  • Updated with latest happenings
  • Targeting your audience
  • Excellent marketing sense
  • Socialize your blog as much as you can

As you guys now know about both the terms, let me tell you about how these two can co-relate:
Brand development is an art. For every blogger, it is important to get recognition in market. Therefore it is important to follow branding strategies to become a brand. With the help of blogging, you can become a brand yourself.
On the other hand, if you are working for an E-commerce company that have recently stepped in retail business, you can help them in getting brand recognition by using common branding strategies via blogging. According to the recent algorithms of Google, “Content is the King” and to accumulate fame and spread awareness among users of your existence, content can help you a lot. Blogging is a top-notch marketing strategy and to get familiar with buyers, you need to be known.

Advantages of Blogging for creating Brand


Blogging is interactive; it can help you in expressing yourself to your readers. If you are practicing blogging for branding yourself, then you must have good knowledge of what you are writing and amazing promotion sense so that your work can reach target audience and they get to know about you. Same way, if you are doing it for some e-commerce business, you can promote your products in a casual yet diligent way. Interactive blogging is like talking to your reader face to face and convincing them to visit to your site and explore the collection. Nowadays, Blogging is considered as sure shot tool for promotion and becoming a brand.


Other branding strategies are quite pricey. You can spread awareness by giving advertisements, following PPC technique, Adwords etc. All these methods can charge a lot. Whereas, if you are opting blogging as a mean of branding then you can escape much expense. You can add a blog page in your official website and promote it or you can create a separate blogging site that only focus at promoting the products of your site. If you start an affiliate program in your e-commerce site, then it can also help in opening many doorways and creating brand. It is a perfect channel of brand development in an economical way.


Every buyer wants to know all about the company to which they are getting associated with. You can take your relationship with your buyer to another personal level through blog. It is another sure-shot branding strategy and by following it, you will make a personal bond with customers. You can write blogs about how you manufacture the products, about the style of products, quality of the material used, and your team and how you guys enjoy in serving the community etc. Also you can share inside stories of the company. To keep your users updated, you can make a section of news in your blogging site and update all latest buzz about your industry and related industries.

Strategies for Branding Yourself

I have divided the strategies part in two sections:

  • Blogging Strategies for Branding yourself
  • Blogging strategies for branding your business

Blogging Strategies for Branding Yourself:
In Blogging realm, branding yourself or becoming a self brand is quite an achievement. There are many bloggers that are recognized by their name and they have made an exceptional mark in their forte. Here are some branding strategies that you can follow to become a brand yourself:

  • Choose the niche of your interest: You can only become popular in blogging if you have selected the niche of your interest. You can express yourself better when you know all about what you are writing and moreover you are interested in writing about it. So to become a brand, choose the niche wisely.
  • Promotion of your work: First step in brand development is to create awareness about your existence among users. Promote your blogging site in all the relative platforms. If you know the basic concepts about Search Engine Optimization, you can follow the techniques to carry forward promotional tasks.
  • Get Personal: When readers start visiting your site, you have to maintain them as regular guests of your site. Take help of E-mail marketing and get personal with them by sending them your latest updates of your blogs and allow them to give their resourceful reviews about your work. For branding yourself, E-mail marketing is a great way of getting personal with your readers.

Blogging Strategies for branding your business:

  • Write about Company: Long gone are the days when people use to treat companies as mere cooperate entities and were not interested in knowing about them. Now is the time when every buyer wants to know ins and outs about the company. Following basic branding strategy, you must write your blogs about the company, the team, their style of working, company environment etc.
  • Focus on Product promotion: Starting from production to manufacturing and packaging, write about the products in detail. This helps much in brand development as people will get to know about you and your work in detail.
  • Maintain Existing Users: In blogging, there are many chapters such as press releases, newsletter etc. You can maintain your customers by sending them thank you mails on every purchase, writing about your customer experiences in your blogs, informing them about upcoming events by your company etc in your blog. Branding yourself via blogging will require all these essentials.

Footnote: So, this is all about brand development and branding yourself with the help of branding strategies. It is the foremost medium to accumulate name and fame in market.

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