Best Ways to get your Blog Ranked at Google

Backlinks and SEO optimized articles are the only gateways that can get your blog ranked high at Google searches.

Backlinks and SEO optimized articles are the only gateways that can get your blog ranked high at Google searches. There is no denying that Google is the most popular search engine and as per research and SEO technical terms, Google has Alexa Rank: 11 and Page Rank: 7. Let me tell you something about both these terms, Alexa Rank in SEO is defined as popularity of a site. Lesser the Alexa Rank, more popular your site is. Page Rank on the other hand has to be more. It is rated 1-10 and as you see, the page rank of site is 7, i.e. it’s quite a popular site and used by millions of users. You can install “Web Rank” SEO tool from Firefox add-ons and check the details about Google Search engine. For Google Chrome users, they can use tool named “MOZ Rank” to check the popularity of site.

Best Ways to get your Blog Ranked at Google

Now, as you know the popularity of site, then you might also know the significance of getting ranked best at Google searches. In Blogging business, it’s all about climbing at the top position in Google searches and retaining your position. This is possible with the help of backlinks that you have with your site, plus by writing SEO optimized articles.
Blogging Comprises of two elements:
Writing brilliant content as it is the only essence of the profession. You can read blog writing tips here.
Marketing of your blog site as much as you can to increase visibility. You can read, where to share post after publish here.
Before I explain you the concepts of getting your blog ranked best in Google searches, you need to know something about how Google conduct the whole scenario: Googlebot to shortlist newly arrived pages, crawling right pages and indexing them.
There are three components:

  • Googlebot
  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Googlebot
Best Ways to get your Blog Ranked at Google

Googlebot is bot software by Google that is sent to collect information about fresh and newly arrived pages. These documents are then indexed in the searches of Google.
As Googlebot collects information about new or updated pages, Crawlers are then sent to visit and crawl those pages. The process of crawling takes place with the help of links that are used in the content.
Lastly, it is Indexing. Google after crawling the pages of your site extracts out some quality web pages with quality links and index them in its searches. Indexing is done with the help of keywords that further gives backlinks to your site, and whenever those keywords are searched at Google searches, your site is displayed.
So this is the whole process. All these three steps are followed by Google to display your pages at a top rank in its searches.
First of all, before beginning the marketing campaign of your blogging site, it is important to get discovered. There are few steps that are followed in Search Engine Optimization to get your Blog discovered in Google searches:

Creating Sitemap: Sitemap is a XML document file. It is created to get crawled by Googlebot. You can create it by visiting to site, add your site’s URL and a XML file will be created automatically. You just have to download the file and submit the sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool. You can find the option of “Add Sitemap” in crawl tab. If you are a wordpress user you can install xml sitemap plugin.

Install Google Analytics: It is the best tool to check the traffic of your website. This will tell you exactly about the location from where maximum traffic is coming to your site, Keyword with maximum traffic, Number of users accessing your site from desktop, mobile, tablet and many other things.

Submission of Website in other Search Engines: To get more visibility of your blog, you can submit the URL of your website to other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing etc.

Create Social Profiles: Social Media is the best channel of promoting and introducing your site to people. You have various Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ etc. You can create account on all these platforms and promote your site as much as you can.

Best Ways to get your Blog Ranked at Google

This was all about getting your site ranked at Google, below are the points that will help you in accumulating high ranking in Google searches:

  • Unique Content
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Backlinking
  • Social Media Optimization

Unique Content:
Every blogger is very well aware of the significance of unique content in SEO. It is quite imperative to write SEO optimized articles. There are few attributes of SEO Optimized articles, take a look below:

  • Uniqueness of Content
  • Proper usage of quality keywords for backlinks
  • Image with alt text

By following all these attributes, you can potentially increase your chances of getting blog rank high in searches.
Off-Page Optimization:
Off-Page optimization is a renowned and well-followed technique of Search Engine Optimization. All SEO executives follow it to get your blog ranked high at Google searches. It has a lot effect in listing your web page in Google searches with natural search results. Common methods that are followed in Off-page optimization are:

  • Article Submission
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • PPT Submission
  • Video Submissions

By following all these techniques, you can get constructive backlinks for your blogging site.
Backlinks or link juice is extremely necessary for every blogging site to rank high in Google. You can give backlinks to your content by using 2 ways: by sharing direct link of your website or by using keywords with Anchor text. It is preferred to exchange free backlinks with third party sites. Also it is important to share links with the sites that works on same niche. This is to avoid getting spammed by Google Penguin Update.
Social Media Optimization:
Social Media Optimization is another ultimate channel of promoting your blog. In this, you can share your content and images at Social Media platforms such:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

To get more information about Social Media Optimization, visit here.
So, this is all basics about getting your blog ranked at Google searches, and ways to increase its ranking. Still at the footnotes, I would say that Backlinks and SEO optimized articles are the earnest sources to hike ranking of your blog. These all are proven methods and you can also try them to get best results. Happy Blogging!

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