15 Tips About How to Avoid Google AdSense Ban

15 Tips about How to avoid Google AdSense Ban.
15 Tips about How to avoid Google AdSense Ban

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In very few years, Google AdSense has managed to accumulate immense attention of every blogger. Many writers stepped into blogging realm as it seemed quite simple yet lucrative money making online solution to them. As I mentioned money in blogging, Google AdSense has a potential role in this context. Trend has been followed crazily by bloggers and with the result, many of them have violated the rules. That is why you can see it getting banned. To avoid Google AdSense Ban, there are certain prospects to consider.
Before we go in depth, it is important to undertake few imperative topics related to Google AdSense.

A Quick look at the initiation of Google AdSense

In June 18, 2003, the program of Google AdSense was initiated by team Google. At initiation, it was actually named as Content Targeting Advertising. After a month, when semantics were added in the technique, it was then named as Google AdSense. With time, many amendments were made in order to refine the technique. In 2009, feature of enabling multiple networks to display ads was introduced. In 2010, more relevancies were necessary in order to post the ad at certain page. In previous year, i.e. 2014, new tool called Direct Campaigns was introduced that allow publishers to sell direct ads.
]It is a Trendsetter
Soon, Google AdSense became easiest and awesome source of income for millions of bloggers. It has the capability of fetching a lot of income every month. Depending upon the popularity of your blog, you can even earn $100,000 in a year by selling ads at your blogging site. Clearly, Google AdSense is a trendsetter in blogging realm.
]Requisites to Qualify for Google AdSense
Qualifying for Google AdSense has never been an easy task. There are countless protocols to follow and elements to consider for easy approval for Google AdSense, without getting rejected.
Here are the requisites, take a look:

  1. Quality and Relative Content. You can learn how to write a blog here.
  2. Minimum of 30-40 Blog post or article at the site
  3. Blog must be at-least 6 months old
  4. High visibility at Google Searches
  5. Proper usage of Meta Tags and Search Engine Friendly Content
  6. Space for Advertisements at the site
  7. Nice presentation of the website
  8. Usage of relative and optimized images in the posts

As you see, these are the requisites for getting easy approval for Google AdSense.
This was an Overview on Google AdSense. These days, AdSense Ban is quite a lot in trend. I did some digging about it and found out some interesting facts that you guys must know to avoid Google AdSense Ban. Given the number of blogging site’s whose revenue is getting highly affected by the Ban, it is essential for all the bloggers to pull up the socks and stop violating the protocol that are defined by Google AdSense.

Some Causes for Google AdSense to Ban a Site

Firstly, I would like to share the causes for Google AdSense to ban a site and later we can discuss the methods on how to avoid Google AdSense Ban.
Coming to the causes, take a look below:

  • Click Bullying:
    Click Bullying is one of the causes that are highly responsible for banning of Google AdSense account. Some bloggers fool their visitors by making them click at the ads by mistake. Sites use movable ads, jumping ads and other form of ads for click bullying.
  • Click Frauds
    Fraud Clicking is very common among AdSense sites. Site holders themselves click at the links or ask people related to them to click at the ads. In this way, they violate the policies of AdSense. Google is the smartest platform and it will not take much to know whether the clicks at your ads are genuine or fraud. This is another reason for site ban.
  • Content Infringement
    Content is the main source for fetching readers to your site. There are certain categories that are banned at sites that use AdSense. Categories such as pornography, drugs, hacking aids, weapons, alcohol, tobacco etc are strictly banned at AdSense oriented sites. Usage of content on any such niche at AdSense associated sites is considered as disobeying the ethics of its policies.
  • Copyrighted Material
    Sites that use copyrighted content are considered as frauds and disrespecting Google AdSense TOS. Content in the site must be original. Some bloggers tend to copy content from other sites or with few alterations. This is another violation of rules of Google AdSense TOS. It is also a contributing factor in getting AdSense account banned.
  • Other Causes
    There are numerous other elements that are responsible for banning of AdSense accounts such as using shortcuts such as using low quality and irrelevant content, using Black-hat Search Engine techniques to rank high in Google searches. Bloggers that use irrelevant links to send user to the web pages where they have used ads for AdSense are also defying the policies of AdSense.
    TOS defy can cause in banning of Google AdSense account that can highly affect your site’s revenue.

15 Tips about How to avoid Google AdSense Ban

As per my research, I have found some excellent tips that can help you survive and avoid Google AdSense Ban. Let us learn the tips below:
]1. Spend Time on Reading T&C Section:

The section of Terms and Conditions is made so that you can get to know the policies that are must to be obeyed being associated with something. Most of us don’t feel the need to read this section and skip it by simply enabling the checkbox. This is the worst mistake that any individual can make. Unless you are not aware of the protocols of the service that you are using, how can you explore and use the service to its best. Therefore, to getting banned, you must learn Terms and Conditions section first.
]2. No-No to controversial content:

I have mentioned some categories that are banned by Google AdSense. Therefore, any site that is associated with Google AdSense is not allowed to post content on categories such as pornography, drugs, hacking aids, weapons, alcohol, tobacco etc. Beside the precautions and intimations, if you still happen to post content these niches then you are doing nothing else but inviting Google to ban your site instantly.
]3. Using Copyrighted Content, it can be lethal:

For all the bloggers that consider that Google AdSense is bring massive income to them must abide by the policies and avoid violating Google AdSense TOS. Using copyrighted content is a strict offense as per AdSense protocols. Any site found using copyrighted content will be banned immediately so, it will be better if you use your skills and produce genuine and original content for your site.
]4. No Bullying of Advertisements:

It is agitating for the readers when while visiting a site, they are welcomed with movable and jumping ads that automatically get clicked. Usage of any such service at your site is breaching the policies. This can also result in account ban by AdSense.
]5. Don’t Buy Traffic:

Paying for clicks is another offense. You might be desperate enough to earn more by getting random clicks by the visitors but to be honest; it is an unethical practice that is not appreciated by AdSense TOS. Only genuine clicks are permitted and appreciated by Google and you can earn a lot with such neat work. Buying clicks is also against Google AdSense TOS. To avoid ban, keep this one in mind.
]6. Usage of Enticing Titles:

Sites that use provoking labels to encourage readers to click is another practice to get banned. Unethical ads with enticing titles might get numerous clicks but according to Google AdSense TOS, such ads are not permitted on sites associated with AdSense. It is important to learn how to avoid Google AdSense ban and follow the protocols.
]7. Limit featuring of Ads on a web page:

As per TOS, one web page must not have more than 3-4 ads, depending upon the size of each banner. Some people stuff many ads at one web page in obsession of earning more cash. This element must also be avoided to rescue your site from AdSense ban.
]8. No Masking of Advertisements:

Masking Ads with same color shadow as that of the background of web page is also under the standards of violation of TOS. Advertisements must be prominent enough to be visible to all the visitors of your site. Any kind of masking will draw your site out and will get AdSense account banned.
]9. No Fraud with Clicks:

Clicking the ads yourself or making others to click them knowingly should be avoided. This will help you escape AdSense ban. Self click is a deceitful activity that can be easily caught by Google. To avoid violating Google AdSense TOS, you must not use self clicking.
]10. Increasing CTR will create problem:

Some people increase CTR i.e. Click Through Rate so that more people can click at their website. I would say that if you love your website and like earning money from Google AdSense, do not unnecessarily increase CTR to muster more clicks.
]11. Using Email’s to promote Ad Clicks:

Sending Emails to the subscribers with ads is an unethical practice. Though it is followed by many bloggers but they are the once with potential account ban rate. To survive AdSense ban, never use emails to promote ads and gather clicks.
]12. Usage of inbuilt sites:

Some bloggers apply for AdSense when there are sites are not fully ready yet. While you read Terms and Conditions of AdSense when you apply, it is quite clearly mentioned that inbuilt sites must not be approved for AdSense. If by some means you manage to get through with the approval of AdSense to your site, you must immediately work on to complete unfinished business of your site, in order to survive. Incomplete or inbuilt sites cannot survive for long with an active AdSense account.
]13. Click Bots for more Clicks, Say Big No:

Usage of bots to visit web page of your site and auto click the ads is a big problem. Google is smart enough to understand any such activity taking place at your site. Given the visibility of AdSense sites, you will be in great trouble by using any such approach to increase clicks at your site.
14. Abiding the Privacy Rules: Like any other service, Google AdSense also has certain privacy rules that must be followed. Any desecration in the privacy rules can cause problems such as banning of account.
]15. No amendments in Google AdSense Code:

If your site is applicable for AdSense, this means that Google is keeping a sharp look on your site and it is rapidly increasing familiarity among users. In such a case, any kind of revision in Google AdSense code like cloaking, keyword stuffing etc will be the violation of the policies of TOS. Therefore, do not make any alterations in Google AdSense code.

Final Note:

Google AdSense is an ideal service mustering regular and immense revenue to many bloggers in current era. But such a swift discretion of protocols of this invincible service in constantly increasing account ban. To keep your account active, you must learn how to avoid Google AdSense Ban and follow the rules to keep your account active and generating money for you.

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