10 Niche Ideas to Start Blogging

Hello Blogger Outliners…! What is a niche and how can I get niche idea to start blogging?

Hello Blogger Outliners…!
What is a niche and how can I get niche idea to start blogging? Let me tell you first that niche is a topic that is interesting, topics that every individual wants to read, topic that is informative and topics that can help each and every individual in their routine life is the king of blogging niche. Blog writing is only captivating and enthralling when you are writing on the niche that you fancy. Hold on! Let me tell you a secret, take a long breath and close your eyes, relax your mind and think what’s your specialty is and what you can do better than others. I am sure you will find something better in yourself. For example; some individuals are fashion freaks and have much knowledge about fashion, so it is always recommended for such individuals to select fashion as a niche of their blog writing.

Considering the other side of the coin, blogger can be successful if he fashions his blog writing with the niche that youngsters like to study, niches that Gen Y needs to follow and get some useful help from. Blogging itself is a hot selling niche. Educating individuals about various ins and outs of Blog Writing is quite a useful niche to write. Following the trends of upcoming year, you need to be very particular about your niche of Blog writing.
I have jotted down some of the finest niches that you can select for your blog writing. Let us take a look at the titles in nutshell, before we begin with a detailed theory:

  • Innovative Technology
  • All about Gadgets
  • Education
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Lifestyle
  • Branding
  • EMD Blogs
  • Latest buzzes
  • Light Writes
  • Sports
Innovative Technology

As per my survey on internet, I have came across these few niches in Blog writing that have always enjoyed lot of attention and appreciation by readers. So, I hereby present you, all these amazing and brilliant niche ideas to begin blogging in 2019.

Innovative Technology
Innovations in technology are never ending. Technology will keep giving you something or the else to write. Every individual likes to increase their know-how on various technologies coming up and keep them updated with the upcoming technological trends. So for Blog writing, technology as a niche can work wonders.
Sources of information about various updates in Technology niche are:

  • Search at internet
  • News
  • Technology Centers
  • Subscribing to various technology blogs

It is a hierarchical approach as you can use information from other blogs to tailor yours. Another very important aspect to consider in technology is to write blogs about Clean and green technology that does not pose any threat on Human race. Along with introducing new upcoming products and services in technology today, you can also tailor your blog writing with green technology and educate people to use methods such as Solar Power and windmill etc.

This will not only offer you an idea about blog writing but you can contribute in saving resources of planet Earth with the magic of your words.

All about Gadgets
Youngsters always want to keep themselves updated with latest gadgets and features of the products. Anyone that happen to choose niche of Gadgets for his Blog writing can never get short of writing on unique and latest topics. Under this niche, you can update your readers with upcoming trends in gadgets, their features, pricing, software etc.
Sources of information could be:

  • Internet
  • Market survey
  • Technology and Gadget related News
  • Subscriptions to affiliate sites that writes about latest and upcoming launches

These days, trend of wearable gadgets is quite widespread. You can also take wearable gadgets as your niche of writing in 2019. Title being an upcoming trend in the market can captivate attention of many individuals as many of them would like to gather more knowledge about the latest type of gadgets. This would be a brilliant concept in blog writing.

Education Blogs
There are certain niches that never lose their significance among bloggers. If you don’t have time to explore for latest trends in blog writing niche then I suggest that you must write on the topics that are ever green. ‘Education’ as a niche is quite advantageous for many bloggers. Suppose you write on history, you will find thousands of historical places and rich heritage of various countries to write. There is an endless supply of topics to consider in education blog writing.
Sources of information are:

  • Books
  • Internet
  • On-site Survey

“Education” is an excellent niche for blog writing.


Before I proceed, I would like you all to know about Cryptocurrencies.
Crypto Currency is an electronic format of money. It is also known as digital currency that is transferred to the account of recipient. First digital currency that was introduced in online market is “Bitcoin” and it came online in the year 2009. After that, many new platforms came online. Most familiar channel of Digital currency is PayPal. All the transactions that are made are kept in ledger records.
You can select Crypto Currency as the niche of your blog. It is a fresh topic and not much bloggers are focusing on it. It will be the best platform for you to start a blogging site in 2019. You can update your blogs with latest news on Cryptocurrencies.

Youngsters tend to care about 2 things; first is technology and second is lifestyle. Everyone likes to keep themselves updated with newest trends in fashions. Though it is a common niche of blog writing, you can impress readers and attract them to your site with the help of most convincing and efficient writing.
If you are an adept writer then you can tailor your blogs in an earnest way. Update your blogs with latest trends in fashion world. It is the sexiest way of writing blogs.

Every section of the world has opened its bar for new brands to come up and prove their significance. You can simply write about various brands that are making arrival in industry. All the students that are studying brands and specializing in branding, its tactics, and policies can get great help from your blogs. Branding as a niche could do wonders in Blog writing.

EMD Blogs
Exact Match Domain is brilliant SEO concepts that somehow lose its significance in previous few years. Trend of EMD is again getting introduced and spreading quickly. You are likely to witness many bloggers taking EMD as their niche of blog writing in coming times. I would suggest that if you have some products with great market demand then EMD blogs will be a great option for you.

Latest Buzzes
Though it is a little taxing concept but writing on buzzes of various industries is always in high demand. You can take example of the site https://www.missmalini.com/ as it is a brilliant concept. In this way you can write about latest buzzes on a segment of industry and keep people entertained with news lately.

Light Writes
People like reading light writes such as short stories. You can also write realistic stories from your personal experiences or write about the happenings around. Short stories always have an essence of emotions that captivate interest of many readers.

For all sport crazy crowd, you can step in the forte of sports write up where you can update your readers with upcoming events in sports. You can write blissful write ups of evergreen sport players that have made a brilliant mark in their respective field. It is a brilliant niche for blog writing and also you will enjoy keeping people updated about latest events in sports.

Ending Notes
Great blogger is the one that has so much influence in his words that no matter what niche he is writing on, he can captivate reader’s attention. Blog writing is an art and you don’t have to limit yourself to these ideas only. If you are putting yourself into blogging to make money then it is imperative for you to focus on niche blogging and explore different options. Otherwise, every niche in this world is open for you to paint your thoughts on the canvas called “Blog Site”. Happy Blogging!

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