10 Amazing Tips On How To Write A Persuasive Blog

Hello Bloggers!
It is interesting to express your views in your words and make people read them. Blogging is a hot selling profession in today’s market and more people are adapting it as it can reward you with enough money. Though many people write blogs and articles but all of them cannot express their thoughts in an earnest way. Blog has certain requirements in order to impress readers and make them buy your ideas. Blogging as a profession is accumulating much attention of individuals and with the blooming familiarity, more and more individuals want to know about how to write a blog.

10 tips to write persuasive Blog

As the number of content writers is increasing at high pace, soon it will become hard to survive in the profession, if you don’t know the right moves and steps of Blogging. The main purpose of blogging is to serve the community with finest ideas on certain niches, and generate cash with your writing and blogging skills, you need to learn some superlative methods that can brush up your writing approaches and make you adept in blogging.

Here I am going to give you 10 rock-solid tips to improve blogging and attract more customers and a better vision towards how to write a blog:

Fancy and Captivating Titles:

First thing to attract readers and bring them to your site is captivating and fancy title. Like I already said, blogging is becoming a common business with every passing day; you have to think out of the box and from the deep sea of your thoughts and creativity, so you have to extract magnificent and unique ideas to personalize your blog. If the title of your content is not captivating, it will not bring readers to your site and all your hard work does not come to any use.

Mind Blowing Introduction:

Second major step to retain readers on your site is to make a mind blowing introduction of your write up. The first or the beginning paragraph of your blog must justify the topic on which you are writing. Introduction must be interesting as it will help in enduring the reader on your blog. Hence you will be able to sell your ideas.

Be Interacting:

Be Interacting with the visitors

In today’s world, no-one likes to read boring and monotonous technical language that does not have any gripping element. You need to be interactive with your readers. It is essential to make them feel as if they are being a part of a conversation. If you fail to do so, no-one will come back to your blog again. A technical blog have different requirements and as there are certain terminologies to use, you cannot be much interactive. Indeed, it is not necessary to add communicative element in technical blog write-up, but for all other niche, it is always recommended to be a little communicative.

Make Sub-Headings:

When you look at a blog, you will find it easy and interesting to read, if it is presented in sub headings. It also becomes easy for bloggers to share their thoughts in points. So, if you want to be a great blogger then you must work on the presentation and make sub headings to keep it more attention-grabbing.

Plethora of Images:

Talking about presentation, how can we forget about adding related images? Images are the essence of every blog. You need to work on the presentation of your blog as much as you can. It is imperative to add one feature image and other related images randomly in the blog. If you have the availability of images with every sub-heading, that will be even better for a perfect presentation of your blog.

Topic Linking:

Top linking for a persuasive Blog

The content of the blog must be connecting and go in a flow. While moving from one paragraph to other, you must ensure that you are keeping things in a flow. If you are taking the topic out of track then it is considered at a flaw in writing. Reader wants to read things to the point, so you must keep the topic focused and connecting. These are petty yet essential things to know if you want to excel in blogging and become an adroit blogger.

Keep the blog in limited length:

No-one in today’s era has much time to read long-bulky blogs. You need to keep things precise and to the point. Writing unnecessary things will agitate the reader and without finishing the blog, he will quit your website. So it is important to work on the length of your blog and keep it in a limited word count. You must not compromise with the content and cut short it without clearing the topic, but don’t make it mind-numbing for the readers.

Sell Compelling Ideas:

The only purpose of writing something is to sell you ideas. If people do not feel your writing then it is mere wastage of time. You need to sell compelling ideas about your niche of writing. Suppose if you are writing a health blog then your ideas must be compelling enough to make readers follow them.


For every blogger, it is highly essential to promote his blog. You have to reach the readers. That is why, it is essential to promote your blog and submit it at different blog submission sites. You can submit your blog on sites such as articlebase.com, ezine.com, articlebiz.com, sooperarticle.com etc. There are a number of related sites that can help you with submission of your blog. By adding blogs to these sites, you can get a backlink to your personal site and this will be good for the promotion of your own blog.


Sharing for a persuasive Blog

You can share your write-ups at many other social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc. Sharing your blog will create awareness among readers about your profession and they will get to discover your blogging skills. This will also improve your opportunities of becoming famed in your profession. To advertise your write up and do marketing, you need to share your write-ups on various social media platforms.

Hence, I will end up by saying that Blogging is an art and not all individuals are blessed with the creativity to engage readers with the magic of their words. If you have the talent then you must opt blogging as your profession. Here is the guide to know how to write a blog, read and follow the tips to become successful in blogging.

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