Searchmetrics SEO Review: Enterprise SEO and Content Marketing Tool

As a content marketer I am always looking for quality SEO tools.

As a content marketer I am always looking for quality SEO tools. Over the years I’ve come across some great tools for SEO management, improvement and analysis. What I’ve discovered is how important it is get find and use the  tool that’s best suited to a particular job. That brings me to Searchmetics.

The Searchmetrics SEO suite is a popular tool for web page optimization. Their platform provides competitive insight and market analysis that’s matched by few. Searchmetrics offer enterprise-level services that help you uncover hidden opportunities. Plus, their decisions support tools assist you apply smart SEO tactics that boost revenue generation.

More revenue being the bottom line for most pro bloggers, I decided to investigate their offering in detail.

Searchmetrics Keyword Analysis

Let us start with the golden nugget of SEO, the keyword.

There are loads of tools available to help you uncover keywords. One of the best, of course, is Google’s Keyword Planner, available free through your Adwords account. Searchmetrics has a similar tool, but I found the “keyword suggest” feature to be extremely useful. It shows you where your website ranks for a specific keyword. Google doesn’t offer this information, and it’s desperately needed.

By knowing where your website ranks for a specific keyword, you know where to focus your efforts to bring more traffic to your website. In my book, this capability gives Searchmetrics a leg up over most other tools.

Getting started is easy. The first step is to connect your Google Analytics account. After that, you’re off and running. You can easily start projects and campaigns by entering your website domains and select from a wide range of countries courtesy of Google locales. You can add your top competitors to instantly track and compare statistics.

I also like the historical traffic analysis capability. The tool allows you analyze historical traffic going back two full years. This can help you see where you’ve made improvements, and where you’re still lacking.

Here’s another strong benefit. You can see the top 50 rankings for a key word within the last week. This will help you find your competitors so you can make informed changes to improve search optimization on your pages.

You get Universal Ranking data, too. This tool provides you with information related to images, news, shopping, maps etc. This can help you see where your images and other assets rank.

The reporting is flawless.  By this I mean the reporting capabilities are both easy to use and the reports are useful and understandable. You can click on the report icon for any data set and get access to a white label reporting system. Charts and images make report easily understandable.

Another unique tool which simplifies reporting is Position Spread. You get the spread of each site across their keyword sets. This will help see which strategies will work work to help you improve individual page rank.

You can access SEO visibility as far back as 2 years which assists you with historical research. The Competitive Analysis Feature is also a unique offering of the ranking module. You get to see the historical trends for the keywords you want to monitor and also up to date information regarding the same.

Searchmetrics has an Optimization Module that provides site optimization assistance for problem areas, including errors, tags, titles and more. Plus, it shows you an on-page score for each keyword.

Then there’s the link module. It reports backlink reference, total links, domains and anchor text data. It lets you filter based on factors like no follow or do follow links, and even custom text strings. Very useful.

The functionality of Searchmetrics SEO Suite does not disappoint. It gives you access to heaps of functional data that can help you improve your marketing campaigns. This information includes rankings data for keywords and domains with competitor analysis, backlink analysis, onsite optimization reports, traffic reports both projected and historic, organic and paid data, keyword research and metrics. It’s clearly designed to accommodate individual webmasters, small agencies and larger firms as efficiently as possible.

My Personal Experience with Searchmetrics

I found Searchmetrics super easy to use and packed full of functionality. Most tasks are fast, but loading charts can be a bit slow. You get broken down social signals so that you can see the full reach of the page. You can see how your posts rank based on various metrics and charts.

If there is a negative, it’s the overwhelming number of subscription options. This can make choosing a subscription level confusing, and you could end up paying for more than you really need. I recommend carefully analyzing what you need before you subscribe. Plans start at $99 per month.

After a few weeks with the tool, I can highly recommend the Searchmetrics SEO suite for anyone who needs to optimize their content for better search results. Compared with the cost of pay-per-click advertising, it’s a steal.

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