Promote Blog on Instagram: 11 Strategic Ways

Your blog is brand-worthy and to develop it into a brand, you need to search for ‘new markets’ for promotion, marketing and branding.

Your blog is brand-worthy and to develop it into a brand, you need to search for ‘new markets’ for promotion, marketing and branding. In today’s piece, you will learn how to promote blog on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is an image sharing tool with millions of active users. Ever since it was launched, brands have been using Instagram for brand building.

Even if it’s an informal and cool image sharing app, bloggers like us can promote blog on Instagram, build an active fan following and recurring visitors.

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11 Ways to Promote Blog on Instagram

Here you go:

11 Ways to Promote Blog on Instagram

1) Official ‘Instagram for Business’ Blog

The first thing you need to do is read the official Instagram for Business blog which is a regular record of business tips and tricks, brand spotlights, news and updates from Instagram HQ to improve your business. Subscribe to this blog and read their updates.

2) Do Cross Branding

Cross-platform promotion is recommended to increase followers on Instagram. Sync the Instagram account with Facebook. Whenever any image or video is uploaded on Instagram, it will be shared on Facebook. Oh, and don’t forget to use hashtags that perfectly align with your brand image and campaign. People searching the same hashtags will come to know about you.

However, cross-platform branding isn’t going to be successful if you aren’t active and ange by following others and liking their Instagram photos and videos.

3) Use Instagram Videos

Twitter’s Vine and Instagram Video feature works in a similar fashion. You can create and upload micro-small videos to brand and promote blog on Instagram. Anyone visiting your profile may watch the video/s and decide to follow the blog.

If you’re a Vine user and wondering the difference between Vine and Instagram, Jordan Crook shows us.

Promote Blog on Instagram

4) Create Instagram Section on Blog

Videos uploaded on Instagram can be embedded on a blog. Open an Instagram section and make it visible on the blog sidebar. People visiting the blog will have the option to view videos and follow you on Instagram. This way you promote blog on Instagram and vice-versa.

5) Use the Power of Instagram Apps

A lot of applications exist which can turn your Instagram account into a powerhouse. Instagram apps exist that will help in downloading all Instagram photos in a single folder, email subscribe to Instagram profiles, print images, search keywords and tags and many other features.

Check out a list of 20 Instagram apps shared by Kay Tan on Hongkiat. These apps will amplify your social media marketing strategy.

6) Invest in Image Branding

Instagram is primarily an image-sharing website. If you want to promote blog on Instagram and build a brand, you have to conscious about the images shared on the profile. 90% of the images should be relevant to the blog brand.

For instance, if yours is a Food blog, upload images of healthy food, storing tips, wholesome foods and more. If yours is a blog on Gardening, upload images of seeds, good gardening tips, garden growth and more.

I hope you get the drift. Keep the images relevant to brand.

7) Use Image Filters

In 2013, Simply Measured conducted a study in which it was found that 59% of the world’s top brands are already using Instagram actively and the findings also state that Instagram users make use of image filters frequently due to its aesthetic appeal. The choice of filters plays a minor but important role in branding your blog and its presentation attitude.

8) Host Hashtag Contests

A lot of brands like Samsung conduct photo contests centered revolving on a theme. For instance, if it’s a food blog, you can start an Instagram photo contest asking people to upload their best diet food and adding #bestdietfoods hashtag.

Adding the hashtag/s helps you to monitor contest uploads and contest participants can sync and share the contest entry to Facebook, along with the hashtag. As such, it will motivate Facebook users to participate in the Instagram photo contest as well.

9) Dedicate a Day to a Purpose

To keep the account active and followers engaged, and to promote blog on Instagram regularly, dedicate a day to an activity.

For instance, you can keep Wednesdays for review sharing. As such, bloggers in your group can share their best reviews and add #WednesdayReviews as hashtag.

You have to engage with groups and its members in order to build a blog brand. Otherwise, there is not much use.

10) Be an Active Networker

Imagine those days when you use to visit the profiles of interested people and connect with them on Facebook. You have to repeat it with Instagram as well. Don’t expect readership and networking community to build automatically. “Instagram connects people through photos”, says Kim Garst and suggests three methods:

  • When you create an account for the first time using other social accounts, you receive a list of people already using Instagram. Follow them instantly. In future, when anyone from your synced social account signs up, a notification is sent. Be sure to check and follow the new user.
  • Use hashtag for branding. If you’re running specific campaigns on Twitter or Facebook using specific hashtags, use the same on Instagram.
  • Be active in appreciating and commenting on other photo uploads. Leave good comments and network.

11) Use Image Analytics

Like you use Google Analytics to track and monitor blog performance, you need to use image analytics software to monitor how the images and videos are performing. Curalate is a recommended tool. Curalate keeps a track of comments and likes on Instagram posts to find out how that contributes towards the brand popularity.

In fact, here’s a neat trick. If any of your images on Instagram is performing well, you can use the same image in Facebook paid advertising. The results will be better than using a untested image.


With little time investment and use of creative images, you can promote blog on Instagram easily. Instagram opens up a whole new market and a blogger should use it amply.

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