5 Ways to Leverage Pinterest for Better Blog Recognition

It seems kind of hard to believe that Pinterest can really help in bringing forward your blogging business as a well known brand, but it can. You can use Pinterest for better blog recognition.

Pinterest are like Notice Boards

Maybe you remember how every notice, news and other declarations were pinned on the notice board in offices before the advent of social media platforms. People were found standing in a crowd around that notice board to see what’s up in the office culture. It created a buzz for the time being.

Now, think of Pinterest as the enhanced version of that notice board converted into a virtual Pinboard where you can spread news, notices, new offers and almost everything on this Pinboard with an interactive image.

5 Ways to Leverage Pinterest Profile for Better Blog Recognition

It’s a known fact but people are still testing whether optimizing your blogging profile on Pinterest can actually generate more signups, leads and sales.

How to Leverage Pinterest Profile for Better Blog Recognition?

I recommend some ways.

1) Better Blog Recognition by Using Pinterest Profile

Images tend to provide a great support to your blogging goals. All you want is to get recognized and you can do this with easy options made available by Pinterest as “like” and “repin”.

Images are a powerful medium of spreading word around since a picture is worth thousand words. But, can only images give better blog recognition?

Yes, if placed with correct and relevant content like well versed caption, which makes your image more targeted, definitely it’ll create a good impression on Pinterest and will remain in the subconscious minds of your potential users.

Posting content with image on a regular basis can do wonders. People don’t really want to see images only as of sales pitches, they need something of value. Try to include great graphics with a new quotation or a valuable tip and also include your URL in it because it’ll make your brand viral.

Pinterest Profile for Better Blog Recognition

Share information, inspiration, fun, motivation like stuff which encourage to people to come back again for more. If you really need traffic and better blog recognition, you need to use one of the most powerful tactics that says – add a great graphic to your blog post with a link back to your blog and watch the magic as soon as your pin is re-pinned and visited, you’ll gain more traffic.

2) Improve Blog’s SEO by using Your Pinterest Profile

To increase your traffic naturally, you need to have multiple links to your content which are useful to people. Although Pinterest links are nofollow but still, natural traffic can be driven.

You better not forget that Pinterest itself is a Search Engine so it’s your duty to get your boards found and to do so, make sure your pins are noticeable by keywords related to your blog.

Don’t forget to include long tail keywords because they play a strong role when it comes to searches made in natural language. Keep a watch on Pinterest trend setters.

For instance, you can see location wise pins meaning if you include your geographic details and what you do, it’ll get you found by people who belong to the same place or who are interested in people, men, women, business owners, bloggers and others.

Blog SEO with pinterest

Like in the above example, you can see that she is a blogger from USA and writes blogs on various topics so she’ll be easily found by people in USA.

3) Make Each Board Cover a Showstopper

Keep the old and dull covers on board and forget about the traffic. You need to make each board cover count because this is a visual platform and to use it correctly, you need to make sure that every time you place a new cover on any board of yours to promote a new blog post, it should be catchy enough to bring people to read your blog and repin it.

Brand yourself as a professional social media active blogger by using high quality and relevant images/graphics.

Showstopper : better blogging with pinterest

For instance, the above screenshot shows how a lady who does a lot of cooking and makes delicious dishes and posts it on her boards at Pinterest. She has got different boards under the heading “In The Kitchen” with subtitles of types of dishes like Breads, Breakfast, Soup, Side Dishes and so on.

Each board cover is relevant to the heading and looks relishing, which people find attractive and end up repinning it.

4) Avoid Keyword Stuffed Description for Your Pins and Boards

Yes, this is a technical issue but not too technical to be left out for technicians to be done. It is a SEO tip under this list and believe me, it’s very important.

For sure, you’ll include descriptions for all your pins and boards, so to make it count you need to make that content Keyword-rich not unnecessarily stuffed. Use only 1 or 2 keywords relevant to your niche.

Keyword Stuffing

For example, if you provide some Photoshop tutorial on your blog and want to post it on Pinterest, then you should not stuff ‘Photoshop’ word too much and if you can’t do without it, you can try posting it in your pin description with a hashtag, like in the above image.

This way you’ll target the keywords and spread the word easily.

5) Create great ‘ALT’ and ‘Description’

People will just pin images from your blog without even changing any information about the pin. Here, you can use this laziness of people to drive traffic and better blog recognition, how?

Just craft keyword rich ‘ALT’ and ‘Description’ text for the images so that whenever people pin it without changing its information, the ALT and description tags will be pulled into Pinterest as well eventually benefitting you with loads of traffic that’s natural and relevant.

ALT Tags

For example, the above image shows the ALT text of the image pinned by someone from a food blog. Straight away, giving the dish name in ALT text and image description will get it easily found by people who are interested in Parmesan Sandwiches and other people pinning it will increase the traffic to the original blog.


These were some tips I could share for better blog recognition.

You can suggest me more options to prove that Pinterest can really be leveraged as a great traffic generator medium to any blog or website. Let me know those wonderful and meaningful points.

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