How to Collect Payment with WordPress Sites?

As a robust content management system (CMS), WordPress get preference from bloggers, freelancers and eCommerce business owners. One of its many benefits is the ease with which WordPress can be integrated with various payment platforms, enabling the buyer to pay on the site. In this article, I will suggest some of the best ways to collect payment with WordPress sites.

4 Tools to Collect Payment with WordPress

Here they are:

1 -PayPal:

PayPal is the commonest option. It is one of the oldest online payment provider used by millions of buyers and sellers. You can collect donation and set on a shopping cart with PayPal on WordPress with few clicks. All the payments go into your account directly. Some plugins to help collect payment with WordPress and PayPal integration are:

  • PayPal Donations: A simple-to-configure plugin that displays a ‘Donate’ button on the website, either through a widget or a shortcode.
  • Get Shopped: A wonderful plugin offering a suite of services needed to set up an eCommerce website. It sets up a separate administration inside the WordPress dashboard.
  • WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart: While the above plugin is paid and a tad complicated, this is a simple one-click-pay kind of plugin. It gives the site an eCommerce facelift with its easily customizable settings.
  • OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce: The eCommerce plugin suite is cloud-hosted PCI compliant shopping cart with an in-built CRM to manage extensive online orders and shipping. You can sell both digital and physical products.

All the above are the best ways to collect payment with WordPress via PayPal.

2 -Selz:

If you’re looking for a method to sell digital products and services, I highly recommend Selz. All you need to do is create a free account and start selling. There are no monthly service charges. If you’re giving away services for free, even then Selz won’t charge you anything. You pay Selz 5% of every transaction plus 5 cents when you earn.

This is an awesome alternative to PayPal because of two reasons:

  • PayPal charges high transaction fees.
  • PayPal is inoperable in many developing countries.

In contrast, Selz works everywhere.

To collect payment on WordPress sites, simply install and configure the Selz eCommerce plugin. With their simple scripts, you can collect payments directly from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The checkout process on WordPress is super cool. The buyer doesn’t even need to leave the page during transaction. Everything happens on the same page and the buyer receives the digital product via email as soon as the transaction goes through.

All the buyer details are visible from the Selz account dashboard. You can even integrate it with Aweber and MailChimp to sync customer emails directly with your email list.

Payments received on the Selz account can be directly withdrawn to your bank account or to PayPal.

3 -Google Wallet:

Google Wallet is a Google service allowing a seller to collect payment with WordPress using simple configurations. Like PayPal, all one needs is an email id and a Google Wallet account. Some plugins to help with Google Wallet and WordPress integration are:

  • ClassiPress Google Checkout Gateway: If the WordPress site uses any ClassiPress theme, use this plugin to integrate Google Wallet.
  • WP Invoice: A very useful plugin for freelancers. If you use WordPress to build client base or if you operate a WordPress-based client portal, this plugin is extremely useful. You can create, send and receive payments from within the WordPress dashboard. It supports Google Wallet, PayPal and

The Google Wallet option is primarily used by US bank account holders and it is acceptable on more than 160 countries. Users can make peer-to-peer transfers via Smartphones. Apart from a possible charge to use the payment gateway, there are not additional charges for setting up Google Wallet account, receiving money, processing and receiving money.

4 – Stripe:

WordPress users can use Stripe to accept payments all over the world but currently, only businesses from US, UK, Canada and Ireland are supported. In other words, your business should be located within these four countries to make use of Stripe.

Some plugins to help with Stripe and WordPress integration are:

  • Gravity Forms + Stripe: If you already use Gravity Forms, use this plugin instead to receive payments via Stripe.
  • Dig Labs Plugin: An easily configurable plugin to receive payments with standard payment forms. You can place payment options on multiple places via their in-built hooks.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway: offers this plugin to integrate Stripe with WordPress. There are no setups or monthly fees. All accumulated payments are transferred to your bank account every 7-days.
  • WP Stripe: A plugin coded especially for WordPress sites running on donations. Donation buttons are added through either a shortcode or inserting it into the template.

With Stripe, it is possible to collect both debit and credit card payment with WordPress via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club. Every successful transaction costs you 2.9% plus 30 cents in fees.


It is simple and easy to use these plugins and transform your WordPress site into a money making machine. Try and test few of them, use the ones that suit your business perfectly and collect payment with WordPress in a matter of minutes.

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