How to Build Backlinks with WordPress Theme Sponsorship?

How to Build Backlinks with WordPress Theme Sponsorship

A strong backlink profile is essential to a blog’s success. High value dofollow (and even nofollow) links pushes a blog forward. The secret to a blog’s success depends on the links it generates. Increase in the number of inbound links will help to move higher on the SERP rankings. In this post, you’re going to learn how to build backlinks with WordPress theme sponsorship.

Why Do You Need to Build Backlinks with WordPress?

Of course, there are a lot of other ways to create backlinks such as blog commenting, guest blogging, link exchanging, RSS submissions, discussion forum signatures and more.

But, there is a big disadvantage – you need to constantly work on these strategies till the day you stop blogging. You need to be constantly active on various forums, other blogs and social media accounts to continue generating a steady backlink flow.

And we know, this is practically impossible because unless you’ve a team of blog authors and technical staff, you can’t accomplish any of these strategies to satisfaction.

This is why you need to concentrate to build backlinks with WordPress theme sponsorship. It is a costly method but it’s a one-time cost and the ROI is lifetime!

Isn’t that awesome?

And hey! We’re talking about WordPress, THE topmost blogging platform ever.

How do you Build Backlinks with WordPress Theme Sponsorship?

WordPress is an open source blog publishing application. WordPress is the official successor of b2cafelog which was developed by Michel Valdrighi.

No matter which WordPress theme you use, you’ll always find a little credit note in footer, which mentions the developer of the theme.

Now, when you download a WordPress theme, either free or paid, and install it, a backlink is created for the credited developer in the footnote.

Since you understand the value of backlinks, you will surely understand that naturally created backlinks in this manner helps to push up the SERP for that particular theme.

You’ve to replicate the same process for your blog backlink building strategy.

By WordPress sponsorship, I mean sponsoring a WordPress theme, which is going to be then distributed as free for download or a paid one.

How will it benefit you, the sponsor? The WordPress theme develop will add your backlink in the theme code files and whenever any user will download and install it, a dofollow backlink will be created automatically for your blog URL.

Benefits of WordPress Theme Sponsorship

  • Endless Backlinks
  • Recurring Traffic
  • Potential Advertising Leads

The backlink remains visible as long as the theme user doesn’t change the footer credits manually and believe me, only a couple of users will do that ever! Moreover, there are ways where the embedded backlink can be made permanent, that is, the theme will cease to function if the backlink is removed. This step ensures maximum ROI for the WordPress theme sponsorship.

The Choice of WordPress Theme

Whether the strategy to build backlinks with WordPress will work or not depends on the theme developer and the final product. There are many niche WordPress theme developers in the market. Aesthetic appeal, cross browser compatibility, functionality, discreetly sponsored links and the past promotional record of the designer are some of the things to consider before choosing a theme designer.

This will be a one-time expense and it’s going to be high but you’re practically not doing anything tangible to create backlinks. They are getting created automatically and benefitting you. You can choose to invest with more than one theme.

Build Backlinks with WordPress and Monitor Them

Building backlinks with WordPress isn’t enough. You need to monitor them for relevance because the theme user can use it to develop gambling or adult sites and the backlinks get directed to your site, causing negative repute. You can monitor backlinks and prevent negative reputation with any of these tools:

1) (Visit)

Previously, the tool lets you monitor your domain links such as

  • referring domains,
  • nofollow links,
  • redirects,
  • image links,
  • sub-domains

and more. You can spy on competitor links too.

2) Moz OSE (Visit)

Previously Linkscape, the Open Site Explorer (OSE) allows you to monitor inbound links to a page and different domains linking to it. It ranks the inbound links in terms of popularity level and view anchor texts. The tool has both free and paid versions.

3) Raven SEO Tools (Visit)

It’s actually a suite of tools and what you need specifically is the Link Manager for managing contacts, link status and related tasks, such as link removal requests. The tool will automatically ping you if the status of any link changes, such as the nofollow attribute was added, anchor text changed or link removed altogether.

4) Solo SEO Link Building Tools (Visit)

Again, it is a suite of SEO tools and you need the Link Manager and Link Build It for your blog management. The Link Manager tool helps to discover link assets and its quality. It alerts when backlinks are deleted or anchor text changed. The Link Build It tool is a bookmarklet that offers information like PageRank, Alexa, .edu links, .gov links, and backlink count of a page.

5) Sheer SEO Backlinks Watchdog (Visit)

Sheer SEO strongly monitors inbound links for anchor texts, page rank, referring page outbound links, nofollow and dofollow attributes, Meta tags, and more factors. The tool generates a comprehensive link report.

6) HubSpot Website Grader (Visit)

Just enter your email address and website URL to generate a free report. It creates an overall SEO score to measure traffic, outbound links, inbound links, competing URL’s, outbound links of backlink pages and more features.


In the long run, it is profitable to build backlinks with WordPress as it delivers value for money. The strategy lessens your efforts to build backlinks. You don’t have to promote anything, sell anything, comment anywhere, network endlessly, and do endless social shares and other activities.

All you need to do is sponsor a WordPress developer. Unless the theme is pulled off the market, it is going to build backlinks with WordPress continuously.

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