10 Ways to Bring Traffic from LinkedIn

Founded in 2002 as a business oriented social networking service, LinkedIn was officially launched in May 2003. Since then, it has evolved into the largest professional social network in the world.

In spite of its immensity, people have often neglected its potential to bring traffic to their blogs and websites. Traffic from LinkedIn can translate into potential leads and brand authority building.

I personally believe that LinkedIn should be an integral part of every social marketing strategy. The very professional nature of the website can help in bringing interested and engaging traffic to your website and help your operations grow at a much faster way.

Here are 10 ways to bring traffic from LinkedIn.

1) Complete your Profile

A very basic but essential advice!

The more complete and authentic your profile is, the more people will take an interest in it. Your virtual self is characterized by your profile.

An incomplete profile breeds a perception which does not benefit your cause and people who come to visit you are easily distracted and move away. You don’t want to lose important connections just because your profile was incomplete!

This is the first step towards bringing traffic from LinkedIn.

2) Network and Connect with People

Networking is the most powerful tool when it comes to acquiring traffic. Connecting with the right people will help bring traffic from LinkedIn to your own website.

Once you connect and people start coming to your website, they will share your content with their connections and this is a chain which never stops.

Thus, you will make newer connections and increased traffic will come your way.

3) Frequent and Relevant Status Updates

Frequency and relevance of your posts, which come as status updates, decides how noticeable you are. The more posts and updates you make, the more you catch on in the online loop which goes on, thus making you more search-friendly.

When trying to bring traffic from LinkedIn and other social media sites, posting is the key. The more people find your posts the more they will share it and then more people will find it.

4) Join Groups and Interact

This is a very advantageous way and solves many purposes at once. Groups and discussions are a very fine tool when you are trying to bring traffic from LinkedIn to your websites and portals. You meet and network with new people who then take an interest and share your work.

This is the underlying concept here and it definitely succeeds.

5) Create your own Group

It is the best way to make a mark and name for you on LinkedIn. Create a group about what you do or your area of professional interest and start posting on it.

Sooner than you expect, you will start to see people coming and looking at your work, take part in discussions on your posts (which you should keep updating regularly).

This will help you forge new and important connections and help bring useful traffic to your website.

6) Participate on the Questions and Answers Forum

Based on the concept of networking once again (because it is so powerful), LinkedIn has a question and answer forum where people can post questions and as well as answer the ones they feel they can.

As my advice goes, you should do both.
Asking relevant and important questions will bring good and intellectual connections to you and same will be the effect of answering questions.

This is a powerful tool especially when trying to bring traffic from LinkedIn because other websites’ Q&A forums are not that exhaustive as they are here.

7) Bring in Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements help to increase your credibility on LinkedIn and in general.

People tend to like those professionals who have received endorsements for their skills and work. Go ahead and ask your connections and contacts to recommend and/or endorse you.

It may sound desperate but it is not because they are looking for the same from you. It is kind of a symbiotic advantageous situation from which all can receive benefits.

Once the heightened credibility draws more crowds to you, traffic from LinkedIn to your website will automatically increase.

8) Add LinkedIn Plugins to your Website/Blog

Bring Traffic from LinkediIn

If you have not done that already, then you must.

It is an indirect way to bring traffic from LinkedIn. People coming to your website from any place will see the plugin and if the engagement is good enough, they will try to connect with you there. This, in turn, will spawn a chain of networking, thus, increasing the traffic all the more.

Get your LinkedIn plugin here.

9) Work Samples and Attachments

LinkedIn provides you with the option to showcase your work as samples and attachments.

This is meant to help you improve credibility which then improves your rankings and noticeability. People become more interested in you when you have something to show them your talent and that too immediately.

This creates a good reputation for you and thus, networking and consequent traffic from LinkedIn increases.

10) Add your past and on-going experiences

When you add experiences, it sends a message of expertise and specialization for you and people will start to appreciate you more.

The moment people notice that you are experienced; they become more interested in you. A general phenomenon in interviews where, industry newcomers are mostly overlooked when experienced people arrive at the scene, it hold true here too.

Your experience is an added advantage as it quickens the networking process and thus helps bring traffic from LinkedIn in increased amount and at a much faster rate.

Also, your credibility increases which makes you more search friendly and more and more people start to find you, and connect to you both on LinkedIn and elsewhere.


When it comes to reaching the right people, there is no better platform. The very professional nature of the site helps your content to gain audience through specially categorized promotions. Likeminded and similar people come to see your work and in turn appreciate and share it on their networks.

Hence, be sure to add it to your plan and enjoy the benefits of the added traffic from LinkedIn.

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