5 Effective Options to Boost Blog Traffic with Facebook

5 Effective Options to Boost Blog Traffic with Facebook

A recent report confirmed that Facebook is the most frequently visited website in almost 126 countries in the list of 137 where this study was carried out.

Problem with Facebook Traffic

The above data looks amazing and overwhelming for bloggers looking to enhance their blog presence on Facebook. However, recent Facebook algorithm updates such as Edge Rank has made it nearly impossible to boost blog traffic with Facebook.

Earlier, bloggers used to have Facebook Pages with thousands and millions of ‘likes’ that enhanced their blog outreach but the algorithm updates has reduced the possibility of blog posts getting any kinds of response.

Of course, the reason for the Facebook changes is because they want users to utilize their paid platform such as Boost Post but for a blogging beginner, spending money on Facebook ads is a remote possibility.

Does that mean you can’t boost blog traffic with Facebook? Surely, you share blog posts on your Facebook profile and perhaps some Pages, but profile shares won’t give you more than 100 views at a time and Page engagement is almost NIL these days.

Should Facebook be abandoned? No, not yet! Let’s understand that importance of Facebook web traffic.

Importance of Facebook Web Traffic

There has been huge speculation that social media web traffic does not give you monetary benefits. At the same time, bloggers cannot reject the fact web traffic is essential to improve the ranking of your blog, in the index of the world’s most popular search engines.

Obviously, this can also increase the rate of lead conversion which will turn your blog into gold-hatching eggs.

Yes, millions of people join different social media websites for entertainment, communication and finding their lost ones. Why can’t you use the same platform for attracting the much needed web traffic to your blog?

In short, improving blog traffic with Facebook is an ordeal if you don’t have advertising budget.

However, there are still strategies which can be used to boost blog traffic with Facebook.

5 Options to Boost Blog Traffic with Facebook

The effective options to increase traffic through Facebook are elucidated below.

1) Try to Drive Consumers to Purchase Point:

I realise this declaration is an antithesis to what was mentioned before but if you genuinely want to boost blog traffic with Facebook, you should try out their paid options. At present, there are 9 Facebook advertising options but “Boost Post” option is the recommended one.

With “Boost Post”, the link will be promoted to the selected target audience. Since it is targeted, it will compel users to view and check out the link. To maximise ROI of these paid boosts, ensure that each boosted link has a purpose such as increasing email subscribers. You may also create effective deals to attract users off Facebook to your blog.

2) Better Stay Neutral to Facebook Account:

Unlike other bloggers, do not think that Facebook is the only medium of marketing and boosting web traffic. It is always considered better for a blogger to stay neutral to the popularity and efficacy of Facebook; otherwise, strategy will be negatively affected. In short, do not depend solely on Facebook to boost blog traffic because Facebook can change their algorithm anytime and your blog promotion strategy will be destroyed.

Therefore, you should keep your users engaged in discussion forums and other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Boost blog traffic with Facebook but don’t depend on it solely.

3) Regularly Measure Web Traffic Stats and Leads:

Since you’re going to spend time and money on Facebook, you need to monitor traffic statistics and leads. Perhaps, you’re targeting to increase email subscribers and you need to measure how much per email are costing you on Facebook.

When networking on Facebook, it is better to keep your readers and fans engaged in the discussions and it is much more important to keep an eye on the traffic and leads. You can set up custom campaigns on Google Analytics to track traffic and leads.

With regular promotion, both paid and unpaid, the popularity of blog will increase as well as its conversion rate. It will also give you an idea whether your strategy to boost blog traffic with Facebook is working or not!

4) Image vs. Links: Which Works Better?

You must have noticed that certain kind of posts on Facebook works better than others. They get tons of ‘likes’, comments and shares. What’s the secret behind it? Are they all paid promotions? Well, to an extent, they are paid promotion but you can weave the same magic free of cost.

Social media experts claim that Facebook updates with high quality purposeful images convert better. People relate to the image better than the context. Of course, the context needs to be mentioned but overall, the image should spike the viewer’s interest to click on it, which will increase the blog CTR.

Moreover, when you post an update, with or without any image, make sure to place the target link at the top. It is a known tendency of social media users to click on links without even reading the associated context. You can either place the full link or a shortened one created through URL shorteners like Bit.ly or Jetpack WP.me functionality.

5) Inclusion of Links to Posts and Profile:

Social media experts suggest that blogs should always contain blog URL in all the posts, events and forums so that consumers do not find it difficult to reach the blog homepage. Readers and fans should always find it easy to reach you.


Facebook can be simply used as a great marketing and promotion tool for your blogging business. The simple strategies won’t work anymore; you need clever tricks, strategies and an understanding of your audience mindset.

You can try to include your links to all posts, monitor the traffic status on regular basis and stay neutral to the platform to boost blog traffic with Facebook.

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