Top 5 Reasons Bloggers Recommend AHREFs Link Building Tool

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AHREFs is a popular link building tool. Bloggers and content marketers love it. It has the largest index of live links and provides opportunities for link builders to analyze and build a powerful link portfolio. Best of all, it follows the strict guidelines set by Google for link building.

Not familiar with it? Basically, it helps you do the following:

  • Link Discovery
  • Link Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content Idea Generation

Let’s see why so many bloggers recommend the AHREFs Link Building Tool.

First off, it’s a comprehensive set of research tools. Here’s what you get as a subscriber:

  • The Competitive Link Research Tools
  • Domain Comparisons
  • Site Explorers for link building and analysis
Ahrefs Link Building Tool Review

How do these tools perform when put to work?

Let’s find out.

The Site Explorer

The site explorer provided by AHREFs is very simple, clean and minimal. It allows you to enter a specific page and then search. It provides you with tons of useful information with an entire overview about the different kinds of links. You can get information about:

  • IP addresses, referring domains and subnets
  • Link Breakdowns by categories
  • Backlink classifications
  • Link Charts
  • Anchor text analysis

In addition to this reporting, you will also be provided with link research tools so completely analyze your external links, anchor text breakdowns and raw export of links.

You also get the domain comparison suite which helps you with:

  • Exportable backlink reports
  • A maximum comparison of 5 domains
  • Batch Analysis of URLs

In-Depth Anchor Text Analysis

I personally love this feature.

Other tools like the SEOmoz site explorer do not offer this much depth in their anchor text analysis. Here you can easily break down the anchor text by categories like phrases and terms. This makes research a lot easier as you can target those phrases and terms which relate to your site’s content. The following are the ways in which you can break anchor text:

  • 1/2/3/4 word terms
  • Actual Phrases

This can help you build comprehensive content strategies and even check which of the links are do-follow and no follow. This way you can see whether your backlinks feature in high authority domains and also what is the authority of your pages and domains.

Such feature lacks greatly in other tools like SEOmoz only provides you with a list if anchor text in its Open Site Explorer. This makes AHREFs a very attractive link building and SEO tool for me!

Social Metrics

Another bonus is the unique and innovative metrics feature which others are still lagging behind in providing. You get a breakdown of external link, site wide links, social media links and numbers from Twitter, Facebook and other channels like Google plus.

Unique and Exhaustive Report Compiling

I like this feature.

It allows me to combine solid link data and produce a great web interface. The detailed report helps you make informed decisions on your link building strategies. It has some unique attributes like:

  • It updates itself every thirty minutes
  • It has its own large index of live links which help generate more precise matrices
  • You get consistently renewed data
  • You can export the lists for research elsewhere.

It also has a Website Audit Tool. This covers standard website issues like:

  • HTTP errors
  • Redirects found
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • URL names
  • Broken inbound/outbound links

This helps you with fixing errors on your websites and helps save time and effort which can be devoted to building strong and efficient link building and SEO strategies.

You get a quick overview of potential issues with your site which you can spot easily and then take care off. If you are looking for an in-depth site audit, I am afraid this tool will disappoint you then.

Ahrefs site explorer2

AHREFs Link Building Tool Usability

AHREFs have been in the market for years. It is reputed brand and has host of clients which appreciate the advantages of using its tools. Also its flexible pricing allows for a diverse group of digital marketing firms and individuals to avail its services.

I strongly recommend AHREFs for its user friendly interface. It has been reported to have the highest usability and utility amongst its competitors like Majestic SEO, SEOmoz Site Explorer and others.

The user experience on its dashboard and within its tools is friendly and simple to understand and implement. You can filter your links based on various categories like internal links.

No-follow links, do-follow links, recently gained links, recently lost links and more. The operations run smoothly and the interface runs very fast thus allowing for a very smooth experience.  You can easily navigate the entire interface.

What is another bonus feature is that you can export the reports and metrics into readable CSV spread-sheets and view them easily in MS Excel or any other software which you use. This is good for those who employ their own metric systems and algorithms to analyze data. This way you can export the recorded numbers from the tool and then carry on your own research.

This greatly benefits the decisions which marketers have to take. Once own research can be done, more precise calculations can be made based on which effective online campaigns and link building strategies can be formulated.

Overall, I personally think that AHREFs is a very efficient tool. In a nutshell it has a lot of positives like:

  • A very user-friendly interface
  • Excellent site explorer
  • Detailed and Beneficial Anchor Text Research
  • User friendly interface
  • Exhaustive and understandable reporting
  • Exportable numbers which can be viewed on simple spread-sheets
  • The largest index of live links which are crawled to bring you information

And some negatives like:

  • Not so great website-audit. Only provides you with an overview of errors
  • You have to pay for every time you want to add a tool which you need which can get pricey sometimes.

In conclusion, I am quite impressed by AHREFs link building tool and its entire package.

I believe it is cost effective and delivers on its promises. Its price flexibility also allow me to recommend it to new bloggers and marketers who want guidance in devising online marketing strategies and also for those who are well established and want to up their game by analyzing and comparing their strategies with those of their competitors.

AHREFs link building tool and analytic features are excellent.

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